Your feedback about last update

Rifle Grenades are STILL way too powerful. An infantry squad with all rifle grenades is unstoppbable

I would like to point out a bug that has been in the game for a short while and I don’t know why it hasn’t been fixed.

An issue where one of your AI from the squad will on occasion get trapped in the ground (somehow). They will glitch out into the ground and they cannot get out of it.

What you like

*I overall love this game and I love it even more that you continue to make improvements. I like how you added gunners to bombers. Maybe make it so we can switch seats and shoot down other planes that are following us.

What you don’t like

*I want to upgrade my soldier, weapons, and vehicles further. For us vetran players we would love to see the veteran perks get released. We’ve been waiting a year now but the most important thing of all. Enlisted is a team based game. You will not win if you have 200+ kills and your team isn’t doing anything. Give us public voice chat. Atleast for squads. That would make the community allot more interactive and fun.

What is not too easy to understand

*Everything is actually very easy to understand.

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Latest update still did not fix Mortars, when deployed they still fire out to the right hand side of barrel but very pleased with rifle grenades and other tweaks mentioned.

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Am fairly new but I still feel like I can give a few message on what new players get hit with.

What you like

  • I Overall like the game there a great feeling to it , in both some of the gunplay or the fact it is a PvE PvP grand fight.

What you don’t like

  • Explosion radius are a joke , A tank can whip in a single round more then 11 peoples , the 100thing bomber drop turn the map inside out , any big explosive just turn the fights into jokes and turn the game mostly unplayable and won already. I once died 30m away from a bomber explosion cause the hitbox being monstrous

  • The levelling system is way too long to unlock stuff , plus if you want to play on every maps it just become a grind and I am a Warframe , WoW player so grinding is something i’ve already done and now dislike.
    Plus this make thing somehow unfair , you are fairly new here and get overall run over by everyone who did the grind before or the p2w , your chance of survival are 90% non existent and there nothing to do about it.

  • Gun plays is somewhat fine but the moment you get LMG , Automatic guns you’re gone from the game already or just turn the game upside down into generic call of duty sprint and spray with 100% chance of hitting

  • The range for grenade indicator is either bugged or really really in a small range cause 99% of the time I die by a grenade , I don’t see it , I can’t do anything about it since I didn’t even knew it was there. If it intentional its fine then.

  • Also don’t really know why you included a KillCam thing , Am fine for that when you play some unit like assault or other type like that but Sniper unites shouldn’t have that , it just break the overall point of a sniper to reveal its position

What you like:

  • Thanks, the newly added ammo crate and supply crate icons are very useful.

    • It may be clearer if you can do a stroke like the CRSED item, maybe a white stroke.
  • Ammo boxes are now also available for picking up friendly weapons.

    • In addition, I want to be able to use the enemy’s ammo box when picking up the enemy’s weapon. It might be nice to add some visual distinction for the 3d model or texture to the ammo boxes for different factions.

What you don’t like:

The marking of the minimap cannot effectively communicate with teammates.


Adding more icons for minimap markers

Lo que mas me gusta, es en especial, los cambios que se estan haciendo y que realmente funcionan; Por ejemplo cuando no te matan a todos los tripulantes, sino que te matan a uno o dos tripulantes y luchas por cambiar de sitio, para devolverle el tiro al otro tanque, que te ataca y que aun ni siquiera sabes desde donde, y es emocionante, cuando consigues poner un conductor y dar marcha atras girando, hacia el sitio que crees que te atacan, por si ves al furtivo, en esos segundos a veces el otro jugador te fulmina de nuevo y debes saltar a otro tripulante … es realmente estimulante, te sumerge en la accion, como si realmente estuvieses en una batalla real… A veces has de salir y tirarte al suelo, arreglar la cadena y curarte, antes de entrar de nuevo y retroceder un poco mas, hasta esconderte y conseguir localizar al que te esta crujiendo a tiros… me encanta que ahora le den puntos a los que indican donde se encuentra el enemigo tanto como tanquista y como piloto cuando te indican al enemigo y consigues ayudar al equipo de tierra y te dan asistencias ati y al que los remata… y compartan puntos cuando la acciones contra ellos salen victoriosas, me encanta que se prolongue y que aunque a veces se muere uno al final y otras veces sesobrevive y se consigue localizar el fogonazo del disparo de tu atacante… me parece que es de lo mejor que tiene este juego.

  • Creo que los desarrolladores se han dado cuenta que lo divertido no es morir sino poder curarte con varios botiquines y arreglar de nuevo el tanque, me parece que de lo mejor es cuando te quedas con un solo tripulante y tienes que saltar al asiento del conductor para moverte un poco, escondido tras un obstaculo y tratar de ver de donde vienen los caöonazos que oyes cerca, pero no ves ningun tanque aliado en el minimapa, asi que solo puede ser un tanque adversario. Pasar a la accion y tener que saltar entre asientos y al final si tienes suerte, cazarlo, con un solo tripulante…
  • PROPUESTA: Creo que seria una una buena aportacion, si en cada mapa al igual que hay un sitio de recarga en retaguardia, hubiera un taller de reparaciones tambien en retaguardia.
    -Creo que lo mas triste es tener que abandonar un tanque con el que te lo estas pasando genial en una partida, aunque solo te quede un tripulante y se te agoten los kits de reparacion… estaria muy bien que los tripulantes del otro tanque te pudieran ayudar remolcandote, (como en War thunder) con un cable cuando te atascas o reparandote y recibiendo puntos por la ayuda, igual si sigues con ese tanque, y no le cuestas puntos de refuerzo a tu equipo, igual conseguiis ganar la partida

Love the new fixes to markers and bayonets. Great little update.

I don’t see how in plane it’s easier to spot tanks, I placed markers all around close, but could not mark tank. (Tunisa ps5) - just to clarify, when freelooking out of side window it is still difficult to mark tanks, but when looking out of front view, much easier now. (Side and Front should be the same)

Mortars still not fixed too

Make anti-tank mines as powerful as their weight deserves. They need to be three times as powerful as an explosive pack and three times the harm range of a grenade. Currently they are hardly utilized in the game.

que me gusta:
el Tiger, el m4a1 y los modelos de tanques
que no me gusta:
que la mayoria de los tanques no me funciona para nada la ametrallara del chasis o operador de radio y las cosas paga para ganar

  • tambien seria muy bueno, el que en las cajas de municiones que ponen los ingenieros de pudiesen rellenar los kits de reparaciones asi si te quedas solo con uno o dos tripulantes en tu vehiculo, y sin herramientas o kits de reparaciones, ir a recargarlos a una caja de municiones y asi el ingeniero se llevase algunos puntos por ayudarte puntos por ello y el equipo entero un buen beneficio port conservar un buen tanquista que ayuda al equipo y no consume puntos…

The Matchmaker still needs refinement. I keep joining matches where the enemy team has 15 players on it. Or they are already capping the first point. Or the team is already down 100 tickets. Why in the world would I stay in a match like this?

“German squad is AGAIN better than the Russian one.”
In which campign? In Berlin sure not

sir that was a year ago

oops, thnax

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I’ve played the Stalingrad campaign and the overall experience is nice but there are a lot of minor and some major issues. Sorry if this sounds like a long rant.

The overall gun balancing is weird. Bolt action rifles deal a lot of damage and submachine guns do very little damage per bullet. Slow-firing submachine guns like MP-28 and MP-40 are harder to use because they deal less damage in a short period of time. I would imagine slow fire rate would help with recoil but it actually doesn’t. PPSh-41 for example is quite easy to use and it also has a very quick time-to-kill.

Some submachine guns and machine guns fire slower than in real life. The sniper MKb 42 fires 200 rounds a minute faster than the standard version which makes no sense at all and it deals more damage. The normal MKb 42 also lacks the rate of fire upgrade and it has a lower damage upgrade. There’s also the Gewehr 41 that uses the magazine system even though it doesn’t use magazines. It’s very infuriating to reload that weapon for five seconds so I can fire one or two rounds and then I have to go through that long reloading process again.

Aiming the weapons is easy but the bullets don’t always fly where you aim due to dispersion. Machine guns and submachine guns have way too much dispersion so it’s just RNG where your bullets hit (not talking about recoil). The bullets don’t always fly where you point the gun due to recoil, for example, the Sniper MKb 42’s bullets fly upwards of the sight when spraying.

Machine guns aren’t really useful in Stalingrad. They have to be mounted on something but the mounting system is broken. 80% of the time, you are stuck to a narrow firing window and you have to try mounting again and again to widen it unless you mount the machine gun on the ground and even then it often unmounts itself for some reason. The machine guns aren’t accurate beyond 100 meters which means you have to use them inside buildings. They also lack suppression.

Tank balancing is also weird. The first German tank struggles to penetrate Soviet tanks from the front and the Soviet 76mm cannons one-shot every tank easily and the German 75mm cannons require many follow-up shots.

The crouching and proning speed is way too fast. It’s annoying to shoot at someone that keeps making unnatural movements, especially the AI. The AI also sometimes has a habit of unnaturally changing its running direction though I haven’t seen this often.

The killcam system makes snipers and machine guns less useful. The squad system allows you to just switch to another soldier after you died and take out the sniper or machine gunner.

The AI struggles to keep up with you as they usually get stuck on things or they take another route because they can’t follow through certain sections. They can also somehow glitch themselves under buildings.

The overall balancing of teams is horrible. Sometimes teams are filled with bots and it’s impossible to win.

There’s a huge problem with capturing objectives early. You can just rush the next objective after the earlier one was captured and the other team doesn’t have time to react.

I think the game needs a bit of polishing. The game is good but it starts to become repetitive after a while. I think the new confrontation game mode will add some variety to the gameplay.

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Calliope is cool German 15cm is way too much of a tank kill.

The M9 Bazooka is redundant and not worth what it costs to get.

I love the ability to move the AT guns and faction-based MG nests with better placement of the guns on the sandbags.

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Feedback I get, the last comment I don’t, is that really necessary? I think toxic shit like that won’t make devs read your comment and acknowledge anything…

Imagine, I said you are an idiot, but I would like you to do XYZ, you think about it.

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