Xbox Series X - Players unable to create a group together on Series X consoles

Our setup has 3 players all on Series X consoles in one household. We were all able to group and play before the in-game friends list was added. The issue is two-fold.

  1. Using the in-game friends list brings up the Xbox overlay. This blocks players from being able to add one another as ‘enlisted friends’.
  2. When selecting one another to join we are met with the message “Failed to join, players session full or has ended”.

We all have the same crossplay settings on our consoles and in Enlisted. We are all in the same campaign on the same factions.

This issue has persisted for over 180 days despite us all being premium squad holders and having played since Moscow.

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My friends and I have been having the same issue!

We have been unable to play a game together for at least 3 months. If we try to join it comes up with an expired notification or one saying “unable to join”.

All of us are on Series X consoles too.

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Have the same thing here, spent hours online trying to fix it but haven’t found a single solution in forums or Reddit that have worked for me.

Hope this gets fixed.

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