WTF everyone said they want to win, but none of them build any rallypoint?

I am the only one who dont give a s**t about the win or lose.
But you? Just spamming quick chat? Who care about attacking which point. Unless that point has a rallypoint nearby?


I just want to get some kills with my goldcoin squads. But they dont have engineers. I have to give up using my premium squads to build rallypoint for the team.


Lol,I know this pain,especially when I want to build one (rally point)but dont have engineer equipped in my class

Had a guy quit out in Tunisia yesterday because i told him to shut up when he expected me to build all the rally points for him, because “It wasn’t his job, he was just there for kills”.


sounds about right

I uderstand it happened to me too and as i said in other post the game should have a in depth tutorial about engineer and other special classes or vehicles

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I always replay “No rally = no win” but that was mostly in Tunisia where it took me long time to unlock engineers but I try to keep them in all squads so there is always at least one rally when I’m playing but today I mostly got really uneven matches - full team of humans against a few players + bots and in that situation no rally can save you as it likely won’t last long.

you know what i really wish premium squads had afew extra slots for say an engineer and a rifleman.

most people are too bothered about how many kills other than doing something that actually helps to team to victory.

The first thing I do on every map, its using a Engy to buil rally point, ammo box an AT and/or AA guns.
When my engy squad is killed, I start to use others squads types to do the rest of the jobs.