Wrong description

It probably already was mentioned, but I’m too lazy to watch other threads about this. In Stalingrad, it’s showing the mkb can be equipped to riflemen when buying it. Probably just a vestigial text from just before release. Cheers!


It comes with an engineer squad so one would think that it would be available to riflemen. The only outlier that I know of is the motorcycle squad in Tunisia. It should not be given to riflemen imo. Just fix the description.

Happend because they changed it in the last week because people were screaming. Same situation with the AVT.

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I really have no idea why they listened too the screaming people they should of just ignored them. Its not like only having the MKB for just assaulter’s is a bad thing in fact its a good thing. The issue with having the MKB for engineers and assaulter’s one is that it makes no sense and two there will now be people running round with full MKB squads of engineers.

The MKB’s saw limited use if I’m not mistaken so i really hope they make the MKB a assaulter class weapon only. As having everyone running round with PPSH-41’s and MKB-42’s late tier is just odd too me.

The same is restrict her only to assaulter people run with 3 assaulter squad, the only solution is lock the possibility to spawn the same squad type like veichle, you have died with an assaulter squad die other 2 time for spawn another assaulter/MG/sniper ecc… squad, add stalingrad rule in all campaign, GG auto spam defeated :smiley:

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There’s only one assaulter squad in Stalingrad though and that’s a good thing ^.^

Also medics cant use the MKB ?

full auto spam is odd too me i still love my bolt actions XD

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Two in stalingrad + medic
No they cant but they can use all smg

AASDADS shit yes there is i overlooked the other assaulter squad >w< my bad mate

Please forgive me comrade! i do not want to go to Siberian salt mine :frowning:

Also yes i could actually get behind this i think it is a rather good idea.

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You misunderstood. Before Stalingrad was realeased, the mkb was intended to be usable by riflemen ALSO, along with engineers. Now do you get why it’s a good thing they listened to the community? We wanted to have it restricted to assaulters.

Dude. There’s two… Are you sure you’re not talking without knowing? :no_mouth:

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Dude yes someone already pointed that out for me but yes thank you for pointing it out also. :3

However i don’t know how the fuck i forgot that both sides have an assaulter III with PPSH-41’s perhaps i just wanted to forget that they existed ? especially the German PPSH. It was a momentary lapse in reality and a momentary madness please forgive me.

Yea probably.

For some reason i thought people were complaining about the MKB not being available for the riflemen, engineer and other classes. Therefor i thought the devs originally planned for the MKB only to be for assaulter’s and no other classes. And i assumed the people screaming on the forums made the devs change it so it was available too engineer’s as well as assaulter’s.

So basically i thought of everything completely in the wrong manor. I dun fucked up oh dear I’m sorry please don’t send me to gulag.

Oh yes this is a very good thing however i just wish that the MKB would be restricted too assaulter’s only.

Yes comrade i agree. <3 Though i don’t fully understand why the devs never listen fully as they seem to do a weird fecking meet in the middle thing. So they take it off rifleman and not engineers ? i just don’t get it…
Forgive Comrade!

If it can console a bit… German’s captured ppsh have 200rof less for some reason… (But I myself find that more useful as the magazine lasts longer :zipper_mouth_face: ) I only believe they gave it to axis side to for once try and have a balanced loadout on both sides (better than berretta 20 ammo mag vs ppsh41). We will see how it will turn out :man_shrugging:

I just don’t know why they didn’t add the sukomi KP-31 (40 round drum or 71 round drum) it would of been the perfect campaign too add it too. Instead of just having a copy and paste PPSH-41 with a lower fire rate to the Germans.

On this… Yeah I would have seen that suomi as a good contender :thinking: It’s also true Axis DID capture a lot of ppsh41 by then, and adding them prevents axis only mains to complain that axis has poor smgs…

No offence too these people there kind of whiny kids also the German smgs are great. I appreciate that both sides used captured weapons at Stalingrad but i think captured weapons should be a limited weapon obtainable for a certain amount of silver orders. They shouldn’t be in the normal progression tree.

For example when you reach a certain level the Germans can buy a maximum of captured 2 PPSH-41’s and the soviets can buy 2 captured MP40’s. Perhaps they should cost around 3 to 4 silver orders each.

<3 i just want the KP-31 on stalingrad :frowning:

But im unsure what magazine size the germans would of used because there were two drums an early 40 round drum and a later 71 round drum as well as a 20 round box magazine and a 50 round box magazine.

All mains of any factions are. There’s not enough offense to be had against those, they always want their own faction of choice to have better things at the detriment of the other. Their opinions and suggestions is almost always biased and should slways be disregarded 🤷

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This is why these people need to play both sides on the campaigns not just one constantly :slight_smile:

Personally i don’t know how people just stick too one campaign and one nation wouldn’t it get boring ? I mean i play all of the campaigns on both sides too keep things fresh

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From what I’ve seen, some people have personal grudges against factions that might have impacted their ancestors somehow. I might understand that point, but they generally exaggerate and act as if they themselves were there. :thinking:

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I mean that’s somewhat small minded my ancestors were bombed too shit by the Germans but they are my favorite nation to play. German planes even bombed my poor cathedral in england :frowning:

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