Will there be a big update <24h?

last big update 0.2.3, has been here for 2 weeks.


good joke


Omer is back in rotation. Bring on the Panther spam

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already played it there was the same retard with the panther in grey zone, that suicide his squads for using it again.

i blow it up 6 times, what a loser.

Ah great my P47 eats panthers for breakfast! Only issue was noone pushed up, from first point, whilst I was taking out armour… to be honest axis were on the ball, perhaps party of players, I tried several times to deploy rallies, failed…

Had it twice in a row. 3 early camp players + bots against 11 germans with mostly late war wonder weapons. They were supposed to defend but attacked all the time, any rally point on our side lasted roughly a minuted before that building was stormed and stomped. We were unable to even reach 1st objective. I got task to play some of my ill equipped allies Normandy and the second Omar was far more balanced and we even won it. Then I had task to play axis Moscow, looks like it is not good time to play axis during weekday afternoon EU time when it is evening for ruskies so far had 2 totally one sided matches full of bots on axis side and human players on allied and I have one last to go, hope it will at least be quick.

Next big update - in 2 weeks. When the new battlepass begins

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After they extend the current batlepass a few days. As last BP updates shown.


Oh wow… I hate those guys with such passion. Them and CAS shitters that suicide.

I try to disrespect them in game the most I can, often going out of my way to troll them.


I hope the new weapons economy comes soon, even before the next major content update. I have enough of stockpiling weapon bronze orders.