Why no x4 XP gain with Pacific full access pack?

I just realized this after 1 week of playing Pacific and i think this is ridiculous as its the same price as the stalingrad full access pack that had the x4 XP gain.

Could this possibly be given to owners of the full access pack? Please?


Personally, I honestly didnt like the x4 XP in Stalingrad lol. Crazy I know, but I felt like youd unlock things too quickly to actually enjoy it before moving onto better equipment.

Id prefer if campaign XP was the same but you get a boost in squad and soldier XP along with the current bonuses so you can quickly setup new squads


Yes, this is a kind of contradictory logic, which means that these things are useless at all, and when you have powerful weapons, these intermediate products are garbage.

You want to get rid of them, but you want them on the battlefield to increase your immersion.

Well, it might be something like WOT or WOWS or War Thunder, where the player just unlocks the high level weapons and throws away the low level ones, and is free to choose which weapons he wants to play with.

But here it doesn’t apply at all if you want them to appear, and that’s the contradiction.

But you want them on want them on the battlefield to increase your immersion

They try to nerf the performance of some of these level weapons, such as strengthening the bolt-action weapons or weakening the semi-automatic.

And then the innocence players just spontaneously use these weapons? Will they?

There is really something wrong here.

I’m not going to compare an RTS to a card game here, you can have both of these weapons in the same battle, and deploy and use them at different times in one match of the game.

If you attribute your dislike to Stalingrad to reaching max level quickly, that’s honestly pretty insane, it means you have more things you don’t like by the time you reach max level

no, if that happened the pacific would be an even bigger botfam

It’s fine as it is, without giving X4 Xp, better for f2p

I miss the x4 xp as well. Was a great functionality for Stalingrad, since I don’t have enough free time to grind.

Stalingrad also had reduced bronze cost for upgrading soldiers and weaponry… Another great thing.

Really Stalingrad model was ALMOST perfect for those willing to spend. The only hiccup was locked lvls and unlocks. Devs are aware which is why they permit weapon transfer and gold order vehicles to fill the gaps.

So yeah. Wish Pacific would have same opportunity than Stalingrad EXCEPT locked lvls.

It must depend on the person: having maxed the campaign, I can TRULY focus on FUN and not performance and grind… Which means I can use low lvl weaponry again just for the fun of it, and trust me I do! Mannlichers en masse for axis, winchester and pps42 for Soviets… I don’t NEED to grind or obtain much xp anymore. Only pure fun remains.


stalingrad is a love letter to the game

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Lol it is not a full access pack like Stalingrad, so what is the meaning of comparing both unrelated thing? Besides that, you should check clearly what did the pack contains instead of assuming it contains thing that you want. Moreover, How is the price ridiculous when it has 4 premium squad when Stalingrad one only has 2.
Also, why do you think dev will give you extra thing for free for no reason?

LOL, maybe you never played a paid for once game. Also never completed entire campaigns.
I used to be maxed levels for all campaigns for most time. And I would play those campaigns that I wanted to play. Maybe today Stalingrad, tomorrow Moscow. But the Pacific is currently my most hated campaign that almost successfully turned to Steam again. It feels like being forced to grind and paying Dev money. Come on, it’s already 30USD.

What? you like mobile cash grab+time grab trash grind game? After throwing thousands of dollars and still have tons of locked grinding stuff? Im not that target audience and will immediately leave and throw a negative review.


at least in wows i played low tiered ship if they were good cause MM didnt put me with t10 if i wanted to play t5 or t2. here you must have best weapons cause MM puts you with veterans all the time. that is why i am for equipment based MM so you can enjoy low level weapons or mid level weapons without worrying about tryhard with stg44 killing you…