Why is the resolution of the ps4 edition higher than the resolution of the ps5 edition?

Why is the ps4 edition of enlisted being displayed at 2160p and the ps5 edition only at 1440p. Generally the ps4 edition also seems to have higher fidelity. Something isn’t right.

Hi, how do you check that?

I just downloaded the game who looked amazing but wow it is horribly ugly…

I’m very, very disapointed by the graphics, especially for a game who has nice graphics on PC (so, HD exist somewhere…)

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There are monitors out there who tell you what resolution is being displayed. But you can also see it if u have a trained eye

Ok I’ll look on my TV next time, thank you.

I’ll return to said if it is the same on my side.

But, my eyes said it look like more like 1440p than 4k :frowning:

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