Why is my game running at 1fps

I just downloaded enlisted and it seems like it’s running at 1 fps constantly. I have a decent PC, 12 gb ram. I tried almost everything, restarting the PC, setting the graphics to minimal and even checking the files. But it doesn’t do anything. Its still running at 1 fps. Can anyone help me out?

Xbox? :rofl:

Sry to my Console-Buddies, but PS5-1337

Try update your graphic driver.

ram isnt important, what cpu and gpu you have?


My GPU is an Intel(R) iris(R) xe graphics and my CPU is an 11th gen Intel(R) core™ i5-1155G7 @ 2.50GHz. not sure if that’s enough to play enlisted

no is not enough, you need at least 2gb of video memory you have 1.35gb and even less due to thermal throttling, the cpu is fine.

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I see, thanks for clarifying

Your CPU is the graphics, probably the problem

Did you update your graphic driver? I have i5-1135g7 with 8 GB ram (iris xe) (worst than your computer) and can play with 30 fps on medium graphic setting.

Iris xe depends on shared GPU memory, where did you get 1.35 GB from ? He has 12 GB ram.