Why doesn’t anyone use the Bf 109 F-4/trop?

I started playing Tunisia Allies about a month and a half ago and I’ve noticed that I haven’t once encountered or seen a Bf 109 in the skies, I always see Italian fighters, sometimes see Bf 110s and Ju 87s but never the Bf 109, so my question to anyone that has it unlocked is, is the Fiat G.55 just that much better than it?

The Fiat has good bomb and similar or better flight performance


It needs its underwing cannons its supposed to have


All fighters in Tunisia are quite a rare sight as they don’t have secondary weapons (until the G.55 and the new premiums), and on top of that the Bf-109 F-4/trop only carries two small-caliber MGs and a single cannon, while the previous plane — the C.202EC — has two large-caliber MGs and two cannons (which have 50 more rounds per gun). When it comes to knocking down AI bombers, intercepting enemy planes, or strafing ground targets; the potential dogfighting performance is outweighed by the underwhelming firepower.


From my experience, Tunisia is usually quite dead and there are rarely planes to shoot at, making fighters not very worth taking in comparison to attack planes or tanks. Even if there is an aircraft, AA guns make even quicker work out of them.

The G.55 feels amazing to fly, it might be one of the best all-round fighters in the game.

It was one of best WW2 fighters, so no surprise here.

1st) Because tunisia is the only campaign with Italian squad and veichle

2nd) Because the C202 (esperimento cannoni) and Fiat G55 (centauro) are better than him in every aspect


i used it until g55 was in game,even tho i like the bf109 in tunisia the g55 is simply better because of its payload but i still use it time to time when i play with my friend who takes bf110 and i rolepay as his escort lol

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The italian fighters feel better and more fun to fly. They are also cooler.

Chad italian fighters > virgin Messerschmits