Why Did they make it easer to Kill tanks?

Those are light vehicles so it kinda makes sense. Big kinda.

I understand the logic behind this change however I feel there still needs to be better counters to aircraft or at least more rewards to fighters that actually shoot down enemy planes and cover their ground units

What pees me of most is, that so many players don`t even bother to mark tanks, or anything else come to that. Maybe we need points earned for marking the enemy, maybe that would sort it out :grinning:

I endeavor to mark as often as I can, but tanks are sometimes imposable to get the mark to set on

I think he has Moscow in mind.
In that campaign you kill tanks with mortars.
In other campaigns not really.

I don`t normally have any problem with marking pesky Tanks :wink:

as it should be fuck grey zone panther and tiger campers

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The Granatwerfer has 81mm lol?

Well honestly they should be easy to kill. Enlisted is marketed as a Squad based MMO Shooter. Not a tank/ plane simulator. The base of the game infantry and tanks realistically by themselves without infantry support are pretty much sitting ducks IRL. Whole reason military forces in 1940 and 2022 have mechanized infantry to support and keep up with the armor. Tanks also have historically been killed by arty including mortars. Even a Japanese Cruiser in WW2 was destroyed by a USMC mortarman. Leland Diamond. If you want to argue that mortars have no counters I would agree with you 100 percent that to be able to counter barrage a mortar in the grey zone is impossible, but that is a separate issue. Planes have generally had no counter which is the real problem and they are updating the damage models thankful and I do strongly believe they should add SPAAs to the game that are soviet milk truck style so the gunners can be picked off by infantry with ease. If you added something like the Whirbelwind it would 100 percent be OP. I have also strongly been advocating that there are flak 88s that can be “activated” to shoot down aircraft in an area for a period of time as a 2nd objective for people to fight over, but I haven’t gained much traction with the dev team on either idea.

In short, f’ck tank and plane only players who cycle through them. If you can’t play the infantry then play war thunder.


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100 percent agree


Among the many fables concerning his Guadalcanal service is the tale that he lobbed a mortar shell down the smoke stack of an off-shore Japanese cruiser. It is considered a fact, however, that he drove the cruiser from the bay with his harassing “near-misses.”

Ya this is BS, and Artillery and Mortars were not effective tank killers at all irl.

The Game has all three elements to it, Tanks Infantry and Planes, striking a balance between all three will always be a problem for the community that can be campy at time’s, I play all three and enjoy each on it’s own merits.

Players that avoid tanks for what ever reason will always feel that there interlopers, my personal take away of course is that it is comically easy to kill them at present and that this is forcing players that enjoy them to stay on the fringes of the playable area to get the most out of them.

Real Infantry AT kit exists in Game ATR are effective and so are HEAT rounds from bazooka/PIAT’s PF’s exc, the need to have every single player capable of kiloing the only two tanks each side can have at once seam overkill and to much of a nood to the Infantry player base imo.

So coming to hard on those who want to work the edges to stay alive for more than a minute seams again unjust in the grad sceem of things.

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Agreed. I just got the Tiger today. I barely played the Panther except for ranking up. I think people fail to understand that only a good player who camps with a tank is annoying. But most campers I have met are not good players.

I would agree if planes were as easy to kill as tanks.
Now any soldier on the map can almost 100% destroy a tank that didn’t see it, but to destroy a plane you either have to take the plane (you might not have one or it’s busy) or build an anti-aircraft gun (you might not have a squad, no ability/time to build one)
Give all engineers the ability to build a light anti-aircraft gun with 1-2 large caliber machine guns and you’ll be fine.
And also maybe give tanks the opportunity to call once every certain time fighter bot, which would protect them from the planes? In my opinion, as you mentioned - it’s a game, and one player should not automatically kill the other, and he can not resist

absolutely. I suggested introducing something like a crusder mk2 or wirbelwind to counter aircraft. In addition, the aviation could not spawn so close to the battlefield that the player could not instantly get on a plane and hit where he himself saw the soldiers\tank. He should not have actual data himself, only a command or view from the plane.
It would also help the need to earn N points on the infantry before you can take a tank or plane (this number will increase after each use)
P.S. the tanks were not strong. The infantryman could reach it with a detpack 95% of the time. and only rarely is the tank too far away. In any case there are grenade launchers, other tanks, anti-tank guns, planes.
I do not understand what was not satisfied

I don’t get why the panther isn’t better than the tiger in game, irl, it was more lethal and better armored, by 44 the Tiger I was being phased out for the king Tiger

no tiger is better armored, panther only has better frontal armor while the panther’s gun was only truly good against tanks

In real life the tank operated with trained infantry. In Enlisted the tank operates in spite of dumb bots and noob players. Tank in game needs to hold itself against explosive packs, so better side armor on Tiger probably helps.

Try the other perspective.
Tanks are great because I love destroying them.

As for planes, have you ever aimed a PTRS at a diving plane and pull that trigger ?

But woody, didnt you say about game issues that…

But that’s only if the others complain.
If he complains then it’s the game’s fault.


i wanted to taste the OPness so i took tiger on hill above 3rd objective in d-day. it was so addicting to kill all low tier enemy tanks, killing vast swath of enemy infantry and nothing could kill me… until a plane came and missed his bombs cause it was hill terrain. but plane was lucky cause i caught fire and i didnt take it seriously cause tiger and i exploded…

considering that this is standard tactic that most tank players use, i am all for making tanks easier to kill.