Whom to give katana ? Any suggestions

For a f2p player who have to care intergame economy a lot, whom to give katana ?
Which type of soldiers will be most effective with katana ?
Should i give it to close combatants like semi autos and smg soldiers or regular rifleman ?

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I haven’t unlocked the sword yet but I’d probably give it to my Squad Leaders since the weapon was mostly reserved for officers

Now, probably medic squad.

On the longer longer run, everyone.


Everyone is the only answer.

I just love how holding the melee button now prompts a Banzai charge with the soldier screaming, just like in RO2 RS.

Hey I think for once they listened to one of my suggestions and implemented that fun lil mechanic! Always nice to see.

Banzaiing is really all I do now :laughing:


Anyone without a bayonet.