Where is Hans!

Simple question why do i have 5 squad working in the german side with 80 men in reserve and no single german called Hans!! WTF

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me neither in 1 year of testing


but, we will be able to rename our soldiers :smiley:.

don’t know when, but devs told us that it was going to be an option:


All i want is all my german flametroopers to be named Hans.

Well, would you prefer something prssian like Hyacinth Graf Strachwitz von Groß-Zauche und Camminetz aka Der Panzergraf? Anyway I would not mind some rare premium guys with actual names!

I just received Hans for my tank crew! And also I have Heinz in my team, it just like Hans but spicy :grinning:

can’t wait to rename them all into hans and fritz

welcome back in the world of living

instead there are Ercihs, because Erich has a typo.
“Literally” unplayable.

ErCIh → Erich
BernAHrd → Bernhard
JohaNNNes → Johannes
ArBulf → Arnulf

So many typos and totally uncommon german names who could be out of LOTR, like “Zanis”. Can’t wait to rename them or at least shred them in teh academy.

I hope it won’t get too ridiculous. Maybe take like a thousand names from a database and add a few unique ones or something. No need to have soldiers named “X Æ A-12” imo lol