WHERE is Berlin's bayonet?

its been at least 2 season since bayonet been add on moscow normandy ETC,but where’s Berlin’s?
I cant transfer my AVS36 to Moscow and this is making me MAD and there’s probably more guys like me


maso wo use the avs36? nah!

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this dude is ready to AVS’ berlin as a whole.

either way, yeah, we kinda need bayonets considering that it’s mostly close quarter :confused:

( weren’t they even introduced with berlin in the first place ? )

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i dont use avs36 in berlin since i got avt ,but avs is still strongest thing in moscow,and i dont want to waste silver to buy new since there is them in berlin,cant transfer them just because some bayonet problem is rediculous

berlin’s gun cant be transfer to moscow just because one has bayonet but one does not,this is really annoying

Before berlin OBT they was already in moscow, idk for the berlin alpha however

Anyway the Avs36 was good in the old time, Before the dispersion hit, now is even worst than a BA and the stalingrad version is 3 time worse than moscow/berlin one, is totally one of the worst
mid-gear unlock of the game

They were first tested there with the Volkssturm premium squad for example. Russians have Premium Mosins and PPDs with bayonets.

But standard weapons never got them sadly. We’re still waiting.

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that’s… sad


Berlin CBT was the first one to introduce bayonets. On the PPD40 DSZ, M44 and G41.

Other campaigns received them later

I talk about avs not bayonet

Ok, whats confusing me is your quoting. Because that person was talking about bayonets there, not AVS

Now wen you sayed this maybe i dont readed well what erika was saying, my bad

bayonets save your ass. and while starting a new theatre along side of Bolt action, is all you have.

i would like to see bayonets in berlim has well.