What's the difference between the 2 cannons in the Sherman II?

What’s the difference between the 2 cannons in the Sherman II?
Does the small one have more of aoe damage?

You mean the “Grant I” tank, right? If so, then the tank has two guns: The 37mm: which has lower armor piercing and lower damage radius when using HE shells. The 75mm Gun: It’s ideal, it has good armor piercing and a good damage radius when using HE shells

Grant also has 2 cannons, but the Sherman also has 2.
I was asking about the Sherman, Tunisia, last tank.
I assume the small one is mostly against units. It kind of throw me off a bit since they both have 2 modes.

The Sherman has a single 75mm cannon, if you’re referring to the gun on the top, that’s a .50 cal and it’s a machine gun.

it’s actually a mini-cannon, or at least shoots like a cannon (single shots), definitely not a machine gun, if you look at the pic, you can see that the machine gun is actually at the bottom right.


There’s only one cannon, the game literally tells you what it’s armed with, 75mm, 12.7mm (.50 cal) and 7.62mm (.30 cal) so only 1 cannon.

I don’t want to argue about it, but I am using it so I kind of know when I am shooting one or the other.
If you have it to, just press 1 and you will be on the small one, and then press 2 and you will be on the big one, and from the picture you can see, 2 of them+ machine gun down left.
So it’s a mystery ")))

this is its only weaponary, it has not any other weapon.

btw usally with 1 you use the commander view, its simply the same 75mm cannon but your prospective is different, you switch from the gunner to the commander.

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Thats the commander view and not another gun.

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Oh this retard again with his rhetorical questions.


As a user of translation tools, I think this is a problem with translation tools.

Hey mortebianca (sei italiano?)
So you circle 3 weapons, if you had put numbers to that it would be easier to understand each other.
So 3 circles, 3 weapons?!?!?! That’s my point but I get what you are saying, when I switch from 1 to 2 you just switch tanker and have a different view, but really seems like when I am on 1 the cannon does more of aoe damage, maybe I am just imagining it. :slight_smile: Thanks for the help.