What the f is this "weapons balance" update?

I’m quite sure I know the answer.
It’s because they went with that absolutely moronic way of “balancing” semi autos where if you have two of them in the progression (in a normal rifle caliber, so excluding the Italian and Japanese rifles), the first one must deal 12.0 damage while the second one must deal 13.2, like the Gew 41 and ZH-29 in Stalingrad. And the AVS-36 just so happens to be a second “semi auto” unlock for the Soviets in Moscow (Germans get the ZH-29 at the same level, because balance).
So apparently the fact that it’s a battle rifle doesn’t make it that much better from the SVT-38, it also must hit harder.

oh great thanks I guess because when I think about mid/long range of course im thinking about mp 40 not a machine gun or a rifle, thats brilliant and of course berlin is full of open fields totally a buff, you are so smart dude I just need to see this trough your eyes I was so blind, honestly your iq must be like -10

Says the furry. Cope harder.

PPSh and MP40 behave almost the same on range.