What the f is this "weapons balance" update?


Why did you nerd the SVT40 but buffed the AVS36 to literally do more damage than it.


It almost you want everyone to use SFs

Oh and yes russian smgs DEFINETELY needed a BUFF while the main german SMG needed a nerf


Awful update, just revert to how it was


Hmm realy funny … the build in win garantee for russian smgs are not enough. BUFF them more!


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So that’s why MP40 feels weaker, because it is.
Not much though.

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Whats the other big problem in the update?

I think that buffing SFs, while nerfing semis, buffing russian SMGs and nerfing the MP40 is pretty fucking big


Wow what a intelligent and well thought out addition to the conversation. If you don’t have anything productive to add just keep it to yourself dude


I too find it quite odd that they buffed Soviet smgs… I would interested in having the devs give a bit more insight as to why they buff and nerf certain weapons. Perhaps pick rates and kd numbers play a factor


Russian mains said it wasn’t easy enough


.1 and .2 points of damage change for a few SMGs. UNPLAYABLE!


I think the worst is buffing the dmg of the Bramit ive got it and i can say something … it’s the most OP weapon IG from far

In other side i appreciate the buff dmg of garand and johnson … but why buff the dmg of the AVS 36 ? its ridiculous …

The only people that will notice is anyone min/maxing and abusing the game. They probably have a ton more of stats to draw from on the flip side. This is absolutely not a knee jerk change for balance

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If you think the BraMit is OP you are a wee lass among many sharks my friend


another reason to not play shitty berlin and moskow campains hell yeah :sunglasses:

when a weapon that has twice the fire rate gets a .2 dmg upgrade, that adds up quite fast once it is shotting, in berlin the mp 40 needs like 6 shots to kill a soviet most of the times between body armor and vitality, it is quite significant with the fire rate of the mp 40, any soviet smg was better already than the mp 40, they are not fixing any kind of issue with those “balance” because they are not even addresing the problems that the soviet mains complain about, like fg 42 and stg 44, they are just shitting in the low level player base nerfing the earliest assault weapon available, that was not that good to begin with

Everyone whine for 0.2 dmg but the bots who just snipe you trough foliage at 200m now … no problem thats normal ? omfg


its a serious issue. people ignore because they think it benefits them.

After last game it literally unplayable with USA and Germans !
Japan and Russians are giving me hell !

Its also weird that the MP38 is still the best Moscow SMG. Do they even know they have this gun and that its supposed to be worse than the MP40?

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And so do they the next update, and the next update and the next update and then the AVS one-taps.

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the pacific part was really needed, but the soviet smgs are already OP, they don’t need that buff and the mp40 didn’t need that nerf either (even though it’s not that bad)