What makes Enlisted feel cheap by 2022 standards

TLDR: I like this game, it has given me dozens of fun gameplay hours, and I want it to succeed in the long run but it really needs to take itself more seriously and get a major overhaul to not be silly by 2022 standards.

  1. Soldier movement and first person view - the animations in this game still look like an indie project from 2010.

Running is robotic, with no torso sway, no shoulders movement, just carrying the weapon like a baby; seeing your empty shoulders when looking around as a pilot or when healing, seeing your secondary weapon make a vertical 360 in front of your face when going prone; going into seizure when trying to vault through a small window; looking out of the tank hatch instantly with hands at your sides and going back in just as instantly.
When you’re flying a plane, the pilot just keeps two hands in front of him, when you’re driving a car, the soldier doesn’t even hold the steering wheel.

image imageimage

Dead face expressions, stiff movement, just TWO pose variations - running or ADS, there’s even no hip-fire animation. You know these 2 stiff animations all too well:

This just looks like some Battlefield Heroes or Team Fortress level of weapon handling:

I believe Keofox @1942786 said they were working on animations and it’s a work in progress but it’s long overdue.

Good thread about animations and movement:

  1. Particle effects (footsteps, smoke, explosions, water etc.) - look really cheap and really pixelated.
    I honestly wonder if it’s just small budget or the engine can’t do better.

This is the only “footstep” particle in the game I’ve ever seen and it appears on every surface and every soldier, it’s even visible through house ceilings (you can see the enemy running on 2F when you’re o 1F):

This is the only “melee stab” particle effect

This is an enemy boot sticking through the ceiling (on the right next to the lamps)

  1. Weapon animations and handling - crucial for any FPS game, and when StG reloads in some rambo-AK style, when DP-27’s pan magazine doesn’t rotate, when rockets of Caliope or Bazooka look like firecrackers, when MGs with bipods can’t use them properly, when G41 reloads full 2 new clips after firing 1 round, when belt fed MG doesn’t have a belt, when many guns feel and sound like peashooters with no recoil - it just feels and looks cheappp.

  2. Tank physics and animations - for a game focused so much on combined arms warfare, with vehicles, it’s shocking how janky the tanks are - every little pavement stone or wooden log will stop your tank dead in its tracks, 1 meter long trenches are often impossible to traverse, the cannon sight will jump on every tiny bit of rubble, and you can’t even look out of the commander’s hatch and see behind your tank what newspaper is blocking your retreat without rotating the turret simultaneously (still no freelook for tank commanders).

Besides, despite Enlisted sharing assets with a heavily vehicle-based elder brother WT, there are very few satisfying vehicle handling and combat details - tanks don’t have unique engine or cannon fire sounds (as far as I can tell), non-pen and ricochet shells just disappear into oblivion without any pretty ricochet animations like in BF1/V, vehicle destruction animations are always the same (no flying turrets, no ammo cook-off), just a burts of fire and an explosion resulting in a black carcass:


Such “burnt out” carcasses mostly still have intact MGs and all kinds of wooden boxes which would have exploded to pieces.

And for the love of everything good in the world, why does this “WW2” game doesn’t have basic tank markings such as balkenkreuz/white star/red star and a random turret number BY DEFAULT?

  1. All kinds of very CHEAP looking UI elements
    Like the military rank icons in kill feed:

CHEAP looking customization options:

CHEAP looking model collisions:

CHEAP looking fantasy-paper guns (personal pet peeve)

CHEAP looking soldier models and uniforms

CHEAP looking UI text boxes (when you have to write a wall of text to explain your game mechanic, maybe you’ve overcomplicated things?)

CHEAP looking low quality textures

which look rather contrasting with what we saw in the initial screenshots (e.g. E3 2018):

CHEAP looking translation as if the devs can’t hire a single professional translator
“In a spike”? What?
More (RU):

  1. Lack of ambience, menu/gameplay music, atmosphere; poor voice lines - when you load into the match it’s almost dead silent and the only sound effects that cover it are artillery strike/Uraaa in Berlin/loud speakers in Stalingrad - it really wouldn’t hurt to take a page out of BF1/V’s book again and just add simple start-of-round tunes/jingles depending on the map/campaign/faction.

The 3 songs we have in the menu are nice and all, but personally I grew tired of them after a couple months and have had music at 0 ever since.
I guess reording music is expensive, but one additional tune per major update/new campaign would be nice,

Same with end-of-round theme - in BF they start playing about 30-45 seconds before the expected match end and finally culminate when the match is won/lost, which always felt awesome, but in Enisted all we have is the announcer saying something like “We’ve won!”, then blinding clouds and then the scoreboard.

The voice lines feel like they were recorded in a perfect studio by overly enthusiastic voice actors shouting cheesy quips like “You wanna die? I’m your man!” in an empty room.
Would be really nice to record new ones, adding grit, seriousness and physical strain effect.
Yes, once more a-la BF1:

Speaking of BF1, that game has an amazing variety of melee/takedown animations, while we in Enlisted only have the generic “stab” without any interaction between the two enemies:


I would contest that music would no be the right choice for the game’s ambient, since it would break immersion most of the time, but at the end of a round it would be cool, or maybe a short energy charged clip when a point gets taken would be cool, but more than that would distract rather than add to the game.

As for ambient sounds, I think that you got a good point, but instead adding caos with background explosion sounds, it would like to see environmental sounds coming from each area, such as old or rotting wood sounds in the trenches and old wooden houses or having the sound of the whistling wind in snow filled maps like the ones in moscow and some animal sounds in some places, like for example some birds fleeing the battlefield as soon as a nearby weapon is fired, or sounds of rats in trenches or abandoned structures.


God, please don’t remind me of how much better some of the Enlisted assets looked back before launch. :frowning:
This game really needs some quality control asap. However, about the cheap player model/gunplay topic, how would people feel about having deadzone free aiming for hip fire and and option for it while ADS? Or something along that line. Because the current bullet dispersion system is pretty retarded as is. I personally love deadzone aiming as it reminds me of the gritty style of Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.


Completely agree with this post, the quality is very inconsistent and you have assets that should just be removed because of how awful they look. Overall there is a serious lack of thought put into customization and it shows with missing decals, ugly assets, ugly models, mismatched assets, and most of it being unhistorical. Also, those stupid profile icons are a joke reward for these competitions.

I was very afraid when they started charging money for the uniform assets because now they may be an anchor for them to keep the ones that don’t belong in the game.

Also, whoever is in charge of designing the 2d art, please fire that person because their art looks like trash and honestly does not fit the WW2 propaganda aesthetic at all.

This art is an example of that stupid and ugly cartoon MMO aesthetic, who ever made it, please fire them.


I pretty much agree with those.

Especially the face, they look like some kind of melted-down wax doll.

And the clothes all stick to the body like a size-short tight, which makes the clothes look uglier.

Clothes compared with BFV, looks much tighter and uglier, and also they are too saturated

nice post btw. +1 from me


Don’t forget that graphics also looks CHEAP sometimes. Lack of color filters, for example (come on, people use that in mods, and that looks cool). New weather and clouds made it much better, but still, when running on berlin, stalingrad or omer streets, I for some reason feel like I’m in 2013. And I can’t even tell what’s wrong, maybe lightning, maybe lack of details, maybe not enough contrast. Especially Omer, it looks so damn blend, empty and ugly. And while there are cool graphics parts that this game has and other games don’t, some parts surely have to be changed.
Trees also look like shit, unironically. That’s literally the level of WT trees (palms are great btw).


I’m only talking about quick bits of music here, not a full on match full of songs.
If you’ve played BF1/V, you know how powerful some heroic music bits can be when you capture an objective/win the match.

Yep, exactly that kind of ambience.

they cant do anything about this… army always takes poor people and cheap uniforms :rofl:

Remember that this is Battle Pass v2 with fancy graphics, before they just used actual bronze/silver card icons :slight_smile:

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I love how HLL plays the countries theme actual song of WW2 after matches end.

Americans “Over there”

Germans “Erika”

Soviets “dont know the name”

I like how outposts (rallys) and garrisons (big rally) actually use WW2 soldiers speaking. Like its so immersive to hear

Sugar 5-0 this is hound dog 7 nice shooting, target all but wiped out, what is left is heading 23-0………

Then again there are obvious stupid weapon choices that shouldnt have ever made it in. Like AVT40, FG42 II, M2 Carbine, Federov, MKB.

These should have been gold orders.

The other SFs - FG42 and AVS36 arent complete fantasy weapons. Therefore they should be in a autorifleman squad. An autorifleman could only use these powerful guns.

The full auto meta is out of hand. Reducing assaulters from 4 to 3, and not allowing to bring more than 1 squad of each squad type would be a massive help.

And introduce the Stalingrad BA buff everywhere already

I guarantee to you, if so many stupid SFs and ARs didnt make it into the game as common infantry weapons, the gameplay and historical accuracy wouldnt be awful


HLL is nice but the “Soviet” radio speaking is from 1990s Chechen wars, last time I checked.
And they also put Panthers and StGs into Stalingrad (probably because haha Eastern front who cares).
The game is hit or miss but at least they try to take themselves seriously, yes.

They said fuck it to the eastern front.

I love the western front there more since it is mostly historicaly accurate

they need to reduce semi and auto spam, also limiting grenades and radio soldiers and limiting number of vehicles per game. ffs in some games my screen cant stop shaking from all that HE spam and it is really shitty experience for a shooter.

ikr. Can’t believe we’ve been ranting physics and animations for over a year by now and they did nothing to improve it. I don’t normally rage quit a game even if we have no chance of winning but today I had to after my T-50 which is supposed to be a fast tank got stuck on a small hill passing the railway at quarry map. I tried to just reverse but it also got stuck on a tiny metal piece from the back.

Just the fact that I can’t move a light tank slightly uphill made me have a mental breakdown


Actually I love that the main advantage of light tanks should be their mobility but in enlisted all tanks can move at max ~30 km/h.

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30km/h? are you driving at nurbugring? most of my tanks drive at 10-20km/h…

It’s a stable max I achieved in the practise range with AB. Acceleration is really poor after 20 km/h so it takes a while (too long to be useful).

Since you brought up the voice acting, I have to post this one where I still consider this the gold standard for Red Army voices.

In terms of sounds on loading guns, ASMR For Military Surplus Nerds: Loading Old Surplus Rifles. - YouTube found this one for awhile already and still watch loading those rifles. I have a mixed reaction on some guns reload sounds like the reload sound of the PPSh where it doesn’t seem right on the sound of the cocking considering its an open bolt SMG compared to this video GunBusters: PPSh - YouTube

Same could be said about tank cannons like IS-2’s 122mm could be something like Epic Thunder sound mod from War Thunder but atleast what we have in Enlisted was way better than War Thunder’s especially the older vanilla ones.

Don’t forget about the animations of certain guns too like the DP family don’t have the disk spinning when firing.


I don’t play HLL but I checked the song in youtube and its actually this one Несокрушимая и Легендарная | Invincible and Legendary (Red Army Choir) [3000 Subscribers Special] - YouTube

I haven’t played RO2 but these sound sooo much better than the “pobedaaa budeet za naaami” and “tochno v golovu” we currently have.


And speaking of perfect voicelines, I can’t help but bring up the amazing BF1 again: