What is your favorite Lend Lease vehicle?

I know a lot of people could care less about Lend Lease vehicles but I thought this was a good question to ask so what the hell, I’d say my top 3 would be:

  1. Sherman 76MM
  2. P-40E-1
  3. Valentine
    Honorable Mention: M3 Lee

M3 Lee is currently my favorite because it’s very unique compared to the Russian tanks.

I guess Sherman II is my second favorite because it gives the British some good firepower.

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Sherman. i don’t need to specify the variant i just expect you to know

For me, Sherman 76 first, then Valentine, then M3 Lee and Sherman 2 tied for third place:


my favorite would be the Heavy Tank No.6 ( tiger I ) for the japanese :smirk:
( even though it was never shipped. and not… even in the game. but aside that )

i’d say for the allies in the ussr, would be T48.
( even though. we don’t have that either… )

so for those that we have, the A-20 boston and the P40E1.

( lastly, for the germans, the IAR 81 C it’s actually an underrated plane. )


I’d say M3 Lee for the soviets but I don’t own it so I’ll go with :

  1. Soviet Sherman
  2. Sovie Berlin P-model
  3. Soviet A-20

I’d like to say after reading all these reply’s I find it hilarious nobody chose the Hawker Hurricane IIB as there favorite💀

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such a shame.

personally, i would have included it, but i find it disappointing.

( maybe that’s just me and got used to other planes )

soviet jumbo in berlin

No it’s not just you from what I’ve heard in the forum and other people who play it’s absolute doo doo.