What is wrong with stalingrad?

Sometimes on Stalingrad when i have perfectly fine connection i’ll be killed by nothing or an enemy somehow shoots me when they’re looking an entirely different way.

True, it’s a connection problem. I have this problem too

you have to pay to unlock anything good which is a no go for me

Now please go on and explain us how exactly full access is related to connection problems.


What is wrong with stalingrad? so i posted my 2 cents

Next time read the post itself and not just the title.


why its just a shitter crying how did i die nooooo then blames it on connectivity it couldnt be that you lack skill and need to learn but nope its the games fault



Actually I’ve seen it many times in Stalingrad how AI soldiers were walking in one spot for few seconds and then teleport 10m away because of shitty connetion with the server, and that is quite common in this campaign, so OP could be killed by that lagging AI.


yea i doubt it to be honest

I’m SO going to save this quote for future reference.


wastedwoodsman… Is it just me or is this guy shitposting every day ?

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Not everyday. Sometimes he gets banned.
But these are rare cases as it’s actually quite hard to get banned on the forum. Except cases when you disrespect the glorious mother russia, then it’s quite easy.

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I have never seen any qualified comment or post of him. Always flaming.


Nooooo how can you Wehrabooos reeeeead? this is biased total bias! i am not biased becuase raeding and bassic lefel of englichs is tot al biased noooooooooooooooo…

How is this a graphical glitch?

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I mean, that’s basically his purpose.

Hardcore wehraboos cry a lot, but sure you do your best to keep pace.

Fits you pretty well.