Weird Flashy Objects/Furniture Metal, Glass, Ceramic

Just like in the Subject, this Video explains exactly what is happening.

You need glasses to see the objects flashing in the room when I move left to right near the end of the Gif?

Whatever fuck this

I have the same issue. Did you find a fix?

I have not. The devs don’t seem to really care much about it either tbh. But here’s my updated post that gives a much easier view on the problem. I’d love to see them address this, especially if I’m not the only one having this problem, you know?

Fact, I have the exact same issue. Everything max out. but this ‘‘shiny surfaces, flashy reflexion on object’’ thing is ruining the immersion.

I’m still playing trying to ignore it, but it’s just so obvious sometimes. It really throws me off and has actually gotten me killed on several occasions.

As a matter of fact, this morning when I checked to see the reply Enlisted Support gave me, all they said was “Wait and see if someone replies to your forum post”. Some fucking support team this game has lmfao. Can’t even get any help no matter where you look it seems. It’s honestly sad. This game is extremely enjoyable but when shit like this happens it really turns me away from the game.

Im curious. Did you try to lower some settings in the graphics section to see what cause this?

I have tried. I turned down all settings, and to no avail.

Anyone got a fix for this am having the same problem.

I didnt found any fix yet…

Would just like to note as of April 2022 this has been FINALLY fixed!

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Yeah just played some more thank god. The devs did a fantastic job.