Weekly tasks small rant

First of all i think we should have a “Rant” category for new topics… just saying…

Secondly… There’s this…


Now, what i failed to realise at a first glance was that you’re supposed to use an AT MINE, so i fired up a Moscow match, got my engy squad, made an AT gun, and took out 6 greyzone camping tanks, 5 for the task an one extra for good measure. Got out of the match an realised my error when i saw 0/5…

But i also realised another thing, “… and took out 6 greyzone camping tanks.

Tanks really love to camp in the greyzone, and you have to use an AT mine. There are only a few maps with bottlenecks where you can set a trap for a tank. This means that the odds of completing this task are really, really low. You can’t reach a tank in the greyzone to plant the AT mine in front of it when it’s not looking, there’s no guarantee that the tank will ever go over your mine and won’t take any other path, there no guarantee that a tank will actually reach your trap since other tanks and planes destroy them in the greyzone.

Can we have tasks that don’t depend on sheer luck?

This one also comes to mind when it comes to sheer luck:


i like it when i take lunge mine and go for m13. first i need to kill the crew and then suicide rush with 1 or 2 lunge mines cause they dont destroy m13 cause of shitty damage models.

My first try to do the task was destroy the tank engine put down a mine andshoot it. 3/5 then I just looked there the tank come from and made a line of mines 4 kills.

With the AT mines…I suggest you ran up close to a tank, drop a mine, and detonate it with your bullets

I think weekly task should be task that are special or difficult. Since you have plenty of time to complete it and the reward is just 1 level of battle pass. You can just leave it there if you find it too difficult.

I am just ignoring them, like all the other bad ideas I encounter in life.

Yeah I’m not even gonna try this task.

Maybe it’s just me but it is really easy to kill tanks with AT mines. Just place them on roads and in the snack dab center of alleys and crud. Only works when defending.
Also placing the near the objective or in places with one obvious path is easy.