Weekly tasks- achieve rank bugged

i am currently general of the army rank, but i still need to do points for colonel and lieutenant general ranks like i am fresh recruit.

Is not bugged you need obtain the point for each rank again

it is bugged when it says achieve rank of. i have already achieved it. it doesnt say collect 75 or 100 ranked points.

Is not bugged, your rank was supposed to be resetted today but the dev let you keep him for this season, the game instead start counting the point for rank(achievments) from today as you see from the achievments so is not a bug all of us need do another time 150 point for the achievments not for the rank

like i said task is achieve rank of. i have already achieved that rank and well above. they either need to change task name/description for people to get 75/100/150 ranked points, or they need to fix the tasks to correctly complete when you have same rank or above what is required from task.

You are stupid

The game start from today to count points for rank and achievments, understand there is no bug, yes is a bit stupid but it work like this

And I have almost 300 point

If they didn’t reset the ranks, and you can’t do them on a rank above the request and you can’t even do the marshal one, yes, it’s bugged. And should be fixed.

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before calling people stupid, you should look at mirror.

tasks were done in a way where there is simple condition. achieve rank of. i have fulfilled that condition and have not been credited task completion. thus task is bugged. i dont care if ranks should or should not have been reset. either they need to change the wording of the task, or they need to fix the bug.

also even if the ranks were reset, i would have transferred 50 points from my last season and i would need only 25 points for rank of colonel, not 75 they are asking of me.


Task need you obtain [point] as request for complete them not your [rank], if the request was have the [rank] i can say it was a bug, but the game ask you to obtain [point] understand point, you need obtain again the [point] because the game count only this season [point] not the old one, because every season [rank] go resetted, only this season is different

I call you stupid because i say the same thing 3 time [the game count again the point at each new season] and you dont understand you need obtain point the rank dont matter

Ask for a better achievments description like obtain tot point like a milestone

And this is the last time i explain it and post here so if you dont belive me free to open a real bug report not a mess room post

. >Be marshal
. >Cant do the marshal acchivment.

The achievments ask you to obtain point, ask darkflow for a better achievments description

i thought i put it in bug reports, my mistake.

but the task doesnt ask me to achieve 75 points, it asks me to achieve military rank of colonel. ffs look at the screenshot.

progress is currently calculated wrongly cause i have 130+ points, thus this is bugged. when task is named earn 75 ranked points i will not complain.