Weather Conditions

The game looks very good visually will be nice to add variable weather conditions like storm, rain and snow in Moscow.
Anyone know something in the future? :slight_smile:


I’d love to get bombed in different weather and daylight conditions.

Bomber by hailstones?

Just remove the fog and add the rest because with the lod of the game you need glasses to see something
I dont like the fog

no, it’s fair for everyone as you are not the only one who can’t see trough the fog.

They’d at least have to look for my tracer fire :muscle:

Wath part i dont like the fog you dont have read i dont like the fog :sunglasses:

wonder if the UlTrA HaRdCorE lone fighters mode will get rid of bullet trace or not and only have MGs produce tracers.

Wy not add no kill cam and grass camo fo soldier and even a supressor for rifle :sunglasses: