We need Joystick control to fly planes?

When can we expect joystick capability, its a must have surely?


Fun to have ? Yes !

A must ? No.

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At the current state of the game, even I (a diehard joystick user in WT) gave up and switched to mouse aim in Enlisted. FMs of most planes are simply too wobbly to allow any kind of shooting/bombing accuracy with joystick here.

I will admit to having been extremely annoyed at the fact that I couldn’t connect my peripherals and use them, but I have gotten used to using the mouse keyboard combo, I would much prefer the ability to use my rudderpedals and my joystick and my throttle control and I really do hope that someday that we can make that a reality but until then what we’ve got does work once you get used to how weird it is.

Even still when I’m flying I’ve got my feet on my rudderpedals and I find that I’m still pushing them as if they were going to work, it’s just classic muscle memory :slight_smile: