War in Balkans

As you know in WW2, in south Europe, there was a Balkan front, where Germans fought against Serbs, and other Balkan People. It would be nice to add some maps and campaign on that topic.


The only balkan front we can see is the romania vs soviet on barbarossa, all the rest are to unbalanced

Yeah, but there were two fractions in Yugoslav army, Partisans and Chetnics. We can look on Partisans as a part of Soviet army because they were fighting against Germans( and Chetnics) , and liberated Yugoslavia together with Red Army on Srem front, and many other battles

I’m always up for different stuff but…

That’s exactly it: would such a campaign bring anything new to the table, not already covered by Moscow or Stalingrad?

It wouldn’t bring anything new, I agree with that, but it would be a nice idea to consider, as a part of WW2 history that is worth mentioning, at least for us, people who live on Balkans.

It would be a nice setting certainly…

… But they sadly would never implement it. Just because there would be nothing new, equipment wise…

Maybe we will see some squads of those nationalities in existing campaigns (it’s the best you can realistically hope for…)

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Yeah, I agree with you, Balkans are so underrated…

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a Chinese or the pacific campaign would be a lot more interesting

There doesn’t have to be anything new in regards to tech used in-game

Why would it have to ?

Maybe Balkan campaign can have a thematic of being a much much smaller campaign like having max 15 to 20 levels and have maps like Albania or some major Yugoslav places, Greek and maybe other battles i forgot

Having battle of Neretva there would be unique and great since it can consist of many different segments of the same map.

Maybe this campaign shouldnt be about having something unique weapons-wise. Germans had kar98k, MG38, mp40s and so on
Yugoslavians had kar98, mosins, stolen MG38, Chauchat, Carcano rifles and so on …some balance could be made
Either way, i think much smaller campaign probably newbie friendly where people can grind a bit faster and get the goodies sooner with less levels around could serve as a good base for a future campaign if it ever gets added

Either way …Pacific is very likely a priority now maybe …just maybe Balkans comes at some point, but alas.

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Because new things are what ppl request the most, and are tired of recycled weaponry…

It’s why a campaign with china vs Japan or something would be meh (except for the amazing maps we’d get): china mostly had imported or copied weaponry back then… nothing much new, but they mostly lacked vehicles. Probably why the Pacific’s campaign will have USA vs Japan (We already have 2 campaigns with USA, but they at least have huge vehicles possibilites)

There’s also politics, but I won’t start on that here.

A lot of ppl have been asking for a battle of France campaign (we’d see some French and early war German stuff… again)
Also more and more WW1 enthusiasts. That would be completely different.

Anyway. Let’s just wait for Pacific campaign to come, we will see what comes after then.

I think WW1 will be a hella lot interesting, in terms of Balkans, because WW1 basically started when a Serb, called Gavrilo Princip assassinated Austro-Hungarian prince Franz Ferdinand, immediately after that Austro-Hungary declared war on Kingdom of Serbia… To cut long story short, battles took place on the beautiful locations, mountain Cer, river Kolubara, Belgrade,… It has a lot of potential…

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Because people dont wanna play Germany again.

I don’t care about balance, I care about fun. I want France in the game, but not because it would be balanced.