Victory in Europe Day!

I know that, doesnt work for me.

tasks are executed sequentially.

60 frags and after them you can win 1 time


Rifle Grenade Spam needs addressing please, fix my mortars too, as for event nice love the rewards, GJ!

Finally a reason to play this game lol. After MP43/1 nerf really unmotivated to play this game.

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I just restarted the game and it was achieved. Thanks anyway for the answer I highly appreciate that.

On a side note, any plans of improving bipods?
Or at least revert the changes to how it deploys.

@Keofox It is really not working, I decided to buy both challenges and it still shows 1/2 complete, i also won a match afterwards and still nothing has changed. Please fix this…
Event Bug - I bought the two challenges, and it still shows 1/2 complete

Ah so I am not crazy. It bugged for me too but I did the challenges, altough I got them right after a restart.

Patch - next week


You have been answered. Not the best interface, right?)

Found it.



Please do not add more sabres in the future or we will get banzai attacks soon. The Middle Ages are over. lol


Best Banzai attacks ever


if mortars get nerfed no one would use them anymore

Please make it so that getting kills and a victory can be achieved in the same match. I just gor 59 kills out of 60, and still need at least 2 matches.



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Victory should NOT be a requirement in event tasks.


A) It heavily relies on team effort and teams composition; both are out of the control of the player (who can at best try to compensate by carrying hard and teaming up).

B) As a result, a bad luck streak can nullify ALL efforts of the day. Even more so since victories only start being counted after completing the 1st task, and a single match can last well above 30 minutes, therefore there are just just so many attempts for a normal player (with a real life schedule) in a day.

I preferred the old event format with tasks lasting 2 days.


Or how about this MP 38😊

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Lets see if I understand this correctly:

If I complete challenges for all 10 days, I’ll get 5 blue tickets, right? I can’t miss a single day?
Now, the PPS costs 4 tickets and a sword 1 ticket. Does this mean I have the choice of 1 PPS + 1 sword OR 5 swords? Or is there a limit and I can only buy 1 sword, no matter if I buy the PPS or not?

This is how I read that too.

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That’s right.

You can skip 2 days (get 4 tickets, which is enough for PPS).