Victory in Europe Day!

The bloodiest war in history finally ended 77 years ago. Ever since then, we remember that event as one of the greatest victories in the name of peace.

From May 6th to May 16th (13:00 GMT) we celebrate Victory Day in Enlisted! Demonstrate your skill as different classes and receive your well-earned rewards.


Your progress in this event is recorded as you complete all the tasks in a given day. The tasks are reset at 13:00 GMT.

Silver order for weaponry

Silver order for weaponry and soldiers

Can be received one at a time for completing all the daily tasks.

PPS-42 “Red” or collectible cold steel weapon

PPS-42 “Red” or collectible cold steel weapon

Earned for 2 completed days.

Gold order for weaponry

Gold order for weaponry

Earned for 8 completed days.

In this event you can earn up to 5 tickets for special weapons and then exchange them for the reward you like the most.


Can be received by the USSR army in “Battle of Berlin” and “Battle of Stalingrad” campaigns.

Such an atypical hue is extremely rare, as it breaks the strictly enforced standards of oxidizing the weapon’s components. The brownish-red coating is as reliable as the familiar black one, but it certainly gives the weapon a very unusual look.


Can be received by all armies in all campaigns, except for “Battle of Stalingrad”.

Don’t let their “collectability” fool you: they’re sharp and can kill any enemy with one hit!


Allows you to receive a unique weapon from any season of the Battle Pass.

As in case with tickets for the event’s weapons, you can choose your reward yourself. For example, in this Battle Pass season there’s a silent weapons pack in every campaign. But you can also keep your Gold order for upcoming seasons.


Each day of the event is dedicated to a specific soldier class, with the tasks tailored to its play style. The tasks have to be completed consecutively in the Squads mode.

May 6th — Rifleman Day

The main manpower of every army. Riflemen performed the hardest assaults on the enemy’s fortifications. No army could exist without them.

  • 60 kills from bolt-action rifles or semi-automatic rifles
  • 1 victory in any campaign

May 7th — Machine Gunner Day

Firepower that can turn the tides of battle — in the hands of a single soldier. Only the most hardened and experienced fighters were entrusted with such a weapon.

  • 80 kills from machine guns
  • 1 victory in the “Battle of Moscow” campaign

May 8th — Sniper Day

It’s not merely a profession, but also a skill, so this day’s tasks can be performed with any weapon. Just keep your aim steady and hit the enemy right in the head.

  • 25 headshots
  • 1 victory in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign

May 9th — Assaulter Day

Heroes of urban warfare who fought the enemies while looking them right in the eyes. They went in with conviction and came out as victors.

  • 90 SMG kills
  • 1 victory in the “Battle of Berlin” campaign

May 10th — Engineer Day

They have hands of gold. River crossings, reliable fortifications and field repairs. Thanks to them vehicles could return into service and armies could pass where there were no roads.

  • 50 uses of your engineer’s constructions by your allies
  • 25 kills from semi-automatic rifles

May 11th — AT Gunner Day

They’re pros at eliminating vehicles and destroying fortifications. To them, an enemy’s armored monster was as easy a target as a simple infantryman.

  • 25 grenade kills
  • 1 armored vehicle destroyed

May 12th — Flametrooper Day

They were feared! The flametroopers covered their comrades’ backs and stormed the most well-fortified outposts.

  • 50 kills from a flamethrower
  • 1 victory in the “Battle of Stalingrad” campaign

May 13th — Radio Operator Day

The soldiers’ link to the world. No matter how powerful your army is, without communication it’ll lose a lot of its valor. And don’t forget about other bonuses of radio operators, such as artillery strikes.

  • 10 kills from a pistol
  • 1 victory in the “Battle for Tunisia” campaign

May 14th — Pilot Day

Help from above. How many thousands of tanks did the enemy lose in its destroyed factories, how many bridges did its columns not pass and how many lives were saved by our attackers, fighters and bombers.

  • 2 downed planes
  • 1 victory in the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign

May 15th — Tanker Day

The main star of all full-scale advances. The invincible comrade who paved the way for the future heroes. On this day the rattle of tank tracks is the music of Victory!

  • 3 armored vehicles destroyed
  • 30 kills from a tank



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Ouh yea, that is what I want to see besides my missing Elbe Day Pack.

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Gold weapon order. YES!
Unique weapons. YES!
Another saber to my colletion. YES! YES! YES!!!

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It’s better than just giving a silver order of troops and weapons, you’re improving

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It’s great to hear that you like these awards. We will try to be more original in the future.


What is this “red” PPS nonsense?
For the love of god, don’t turn this game into another “skins paradise”.

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By the way.
Can you find the photo that became this drawing? :slight_smile:


What is this “red” PPS nonsense?
For the love of god, don’t turn this game into another “skins paradise”.

Hello there!


There are a lot of weird things on the Internet.

Just please, don’t go too far.


choose your fighter

No kidding. We’ll be careful.


this drawing is obviously inspired by this picture who has been take at the J V day (japanese victory) so , it is a tease for a pacific campaign ?


Didn’t guess. :slight_smile:
Search further.


A good event, looking forward to more of those

Oh yeah! Now you’re talking, this is the kind of event I like!

Plus, the rewards look amazing. More swords!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll have a lot of troubles deciding in which campaign I should claim the red pps thought :thinking:

Push the explosive change so the game is actually fucking playable please


This is my day. My day to shine and show the games world how powerful engineers are!


Doolittle Raid???

and The grenade has not changed~


Hate to disappoint you but one of the first tasks is bugged:
1 victory in any campaign doesnt seem to work.

you need to complete the first task with the 60kill to unlock the victory task

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