Various Issues - Camera / Positioning of players when under map / Engineer issue

Just a little note on some of the issues that I have experienced during my war time…

  • Camera will bounce under map / inside colliders (give the camera it’s own collider and bounce off the ground when laying down / hitting the ground hard so the camera doesn’t fall through?)
  • Engineers will double make the same object and both objects will not be viable (early issue)
  • Squad will move themselves in holes that are in the map and get stuck so when you switch to them you are locked in a impossible to get to location / getout.

Suggested Enhancements:

  • More damageable landscape that is damaged by MG / heavy fire… almost like the bullets will act as mini shovels hitting the ground. There are times when you are laying on the ground and your gunfire should destroy the land / edge of wood on a fence etc and it just doesn’t… sooo hard to do, but just a slight more granular on the destruction would make things just so much more real.
  • The Map might include past route that you walked on… death / bodies in areas… stats…
  • Bullet cams
  • Death Replay / view?
  • Whole mission on replay - omg
  • true sandbags
  • when switching to squad players they should be looking where you are looking so you don’t have to spin 180 degrees to get to where the action is at, should be some intent on where the immanent “death” is coming from… so why switch to a play that is looking where there is no “action” … perhaps the squad should have a death detector… when the threat is extremely “HIGH” fear sets in and they will look where the gunfire is coming from.

great stuff btw!

Totally agreeing and some of the topics have been addressed a couple of times.
But I am curious:
Why did you upload your profile?
You aren’t less important just because you played less, win less or something else.

I just selected all my screenshots and then there is no “edit” ability… and the batch uploading only shows the one file… hence I had to post another message with the images…

my profile is just that… mine… ahhah