Used M1 carabine for a week in tunisia "final verdict" (HALF-RANT)

IS A SHIT is really bad there is not a word to describe her
uselessness, and perhaps the worst weapon in the game

(just above her there is Armaguerra what advice do not use given a high dispersion of the shots “6 available” and too much horizontal recoil , use kar / carcano until you unlock the gewer41)

the problem of the weapon resides in the very low rate of fire which instead of improving the situation as in the Garand / gewer by fixing the Hit-registration and improving its stability and use, ends up in the M1 carbines damaging the anti-infantry performance (already low for the low damage) indefinitely a waste of resources and time than a bolt-action, my advice stay with lee-enfield 1917 until you unlock the garand is a great weapon


try Lee Enfield No.4 MK. thats my Fav.

And at Least the Last Sniper Rifle as Alliesyou can unlock… TRY IT its so absolut insane WTF1337!!!11!!!

i use it but you know is more easy and less resources waste for people obtain and use the 1917 if they has plan to switch with garand

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complete agree

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M1 carbine? Uh oh… one of the best weapons in campaing and only reason to even play with 'folk who spend too long in their little island’:grinning:

But i like vg 1-5 too…

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VG1-5 is more stable less dispersion zero recoil is perfect for sniping and if you want do german berlin roleplay :+1: 11/10

Even before the rof nerf, it was kinda trash, and now it become a gun from abyss, it is better to use pistol than a M1 carbine

I only really use the m1 carbine as a backup weapon for when i go into close range situations works pretty well :slight_smile:

But yea it has its issues god knows why the recoil is so high

Also the damage is pretty meh i do belive it used to be 8.0

I never tryed it after the rate of fire nerf.

But, I had Alot of fun with it in normandy a few months ago.
I actually had squads with soldiers armed with only M1 carbines.

Beautiful weapon
Sadly it is what it is…

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nope, it had 7.3 stock and 8.8 upgraded before they made it like m2 and m1cg that had no ROF upgrade either

i’ll still use it but it got hit by two ROF nerfs. the first one took away the ROF upgrade that all semi autos but the carbines and VG had and of course the very popular semi auto reduction

vg1-5 is still good but the carabine… well is only better than the nagant revolver

currently yes, but that was not true before semi auto reduction

Didnt semiauto nerf got reverted for vg 1-5 and carbines.

Atleast armored train update says:
Semi-automatic rifles under intermediate or handgun ammo are set to 320 rounds per minute for: VSTG 1-5, M1 Carbine, M1903 Springfield (Pedersen device).

the carbines did not have to be modified the high rate of fire at the expense of the low damage was their strong point

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they still fire too slow for the damage they do, at least the vg1-5 has no recoil and is accurate

not completely reverted

Situative weapon, but I can not say that it’s piece of shit. Sometimes in CQB M1 Carbine pretty effective. Just try not to equip whole army with M1 Carbines. I have bunch of SMLE mk.III and №4 in full stars. And the best semiauto rifle in game - Vickers-Berthier. Also. BREN is not better then V-B, and have no swith to semiauto :frowning:

I’m here just to say that Armaguerra is a nice rifle. Especially once you get a 5 star one. I personally prefer it over gewer41. It’s nice, it’s historical, it feels and sounds good.

just wait until you grind all the way to grand its even worse than m1 carbine with its slow rate of fire now