I can imagine we’re gonna get teamkilled by the AI

I kind of don’t like this. Its definitely great that the AI can be more useful, but at the same time the whole point of the AI is to basically be extra lives and loadouts. If the guy I’m using dies I’d be a little annoyed that my AI squad pretty much wasted all their equipment.

I prefer the player being brains of the Squad using grenades, building stuff, etc. Unless of coarse if these changes are a based around a Squad Command and we could choose whether we want the AI to act as they do now, or go “commando mode” or their updated behavior.

Regardless, I’m willing to see how this update turns out. Maybe I’ll end up loving these changes

Idk what you guys mean with close enough but looking at the AIs performance this is maybe a bit too close.

For PC, I cannot use the pie menu if I have assigned a mouse button to bring it up. It is bugged, and it keeps closing even if I press down the mouse button (4 and 5).

I have to assign a key on the keyboard. This makes it really tough when you want to bring the soldier pie up and select a specific soldier, because I now I have to keep press a bunch of keys and do finger gymnastics to be able to use the pie menu. Being able to use some of the mouse buttons would have alleviated this issue a bit.

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I thought the Radial Menu was fine as it was


He is talking about AI squad that have no player.

Excellent update! Thank you! I just played a match and saw a majority-bot japanese team take a point against a fully-manned team.

Rally points built by AI cannot be destroyed with anything, they can only be manually dismantled by pushing J. If those rally points are build outside the combat zone, it is impossible to destroy them, your soldier dies faster than it takes to dismantle a rally point.

I cannot tell which ones are built by players and which ones are built by AI, but so far, I could not destroy any rally point by shooting at it. So, I am assuming all rally points are immune to damage, build by AI or player.

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Oooooooooh, well in that case that’s actually great so all matches will be just like there’s a whole team, whether there really is or not

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Please bring back the old pie menu or at least revert the order back: Team communication fist, squad comms second. This is a really unnecessary change.

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So you buff the damage of the Gewehr 43 but not the Gewehr 41 and still with that trash reload animation?

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Why did you guys change the communication wheel? Who was asking for this? Can we at least have the option to go back to the old one? I’m dead before I can communicate, give orders, or call arty.


(AI-controlled squads will now call artillery strikes, use grenades and explosion packs, …)
this is not good for me :frowning: i don’t like it because the confusion increases and the skill decreases, instead i noticed the AI team improvements, very good.

get weapons, not its too late

My buddies and I are on console and feel the new commands wheel is more of a hindrance than a benefit. Its harder to actually change. We would REALLY like to see a “Legacy” option available.

AI with flame throwers seemed quite OP both with and against them.
(I assume this is probably here to stay though. If so, please at least help out the support players and add in a function that AI mortars will fire on the same spot as you.)

The AI medic change is appreciated, but would like to suggest that AI automatically pick up nearby medkits when its available.

In our (my buddies and I) opinion, the Japanese weapons did not need a buff. they were already VERY strong, they just had to be used a little differently. Now they are unstoppable.


We need to move towards removing full AI squads, not making them more hidden among human controlled squads.

Where is the option to use the better radial menu, instead of this console regression?

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I’m his brother biGGishEight304 :), AI teams who know your position on the map using artillery will be easy, but keeping AI teams alive will be difficult because they only fire when stationary maybe :), a good option when they have five stars and have the full perk or a new perk to increase the distance between them and the player who manages them? so i can kill better and have more fun placing them on the map: smile :, excuse my english.

What to say? Developers are focusing on cheaiting Russians …
Game from USA or German side is harder and harder every day …

Bad update , lots of shots do not hit target even if its front of me …
Overpowered Rus and JAP guns are literally giving hell to us .
Machine guns used by RUS as snipers from over 200+ meters … and more more bad stuff

I would say I am not bad player , always in top 3 , trying to do my best with engineers etc , but its not fun anymore … we are getting slaughtered


US MGs are more accurate…
Also only three guns (two Japs and the MP28) have a different accuracy now.

Probably he dont even understand how much 200m are for enlisted map