Unused boosters disappearing when I log out and log back in


I’ve had this problem now several times - at first I thought I must have mis-judged how many battles I had left, but just now the same thing has happened.

I got an Elite Battle Pass reward of 3 x 50% boosters. I literally paid gold to get it as it was the next reward, I’m around level 68 on the BP right now and I wanted to grind Axis Tunisia.

I claimed the reward, but then I logged out as I didn’t have time to play.

I logged in 3 hours later and they are all gone, all 3, no trace of them.

This has now happened a few times - can someone from the team explain what is going on?

Surely you don’t have to use them in the same login period? It’s supposed to be 3 games or 18 hours duration.

It’s unbelievably frustrating and it’s putting me off playing now, I logged in to play the 3 battles and get the 50% extra XP but it’s just gone, even though I just claimed it 3 hours prior and didn’t play a single game.

Thank you

I havent encounter XP booster disappeared issue. You can use them within time limit no matter how many time you logged in.
Possibly someone else using your account? Also, Disconnected matches also cost XP boosters.
(XP Booster makes me uncomfortable to play the game, so I dont collect them until I have a good mood to use them)

Well I never played a match to begin with before they disappeared so it’s definitely not disconnect.

Also, it’s definitely not account use, putting aside the fact I would notice if someone else was playing as my campaign XP’s would be obvious, as I have a 30 string password and double authentication.

I can confirm, the same thing has happened to me multiple times. I would log in at noon, get a xp booster and close the game to go back to work. 8 hours later when i logged in to play with some friends, xp booster was gone.