Unused areas in the big map that aren't..... part of any map

Enlisted playable maps are all part of a bigger map of which all maps are located.

For example, in Moscow, monastery, vosoko village, the burning village (birch something), manor and that city conquest/destruction map (can’t remember the name) are all 100% in the same big map, there’s some that i ain’t completely sure to be part of the same big map and those are :

Most probable " fortified district, kamenka river, avangard collective farm and forestry

Not probable: quarry and beloe lake ( those because they map tone is mostly green and not covered in snow)

There are a vast area of the map that is not used (mostly empty fields and forests), several small to medium sized villages with several trenches and wood bunkers around the map too ( btw in several maps that we use there will be trenches facing the opposite direction, they are located in the very far corners of most map)

Truth to be said that most points of interest are already featured maps, buuuut, there’s still a lot buildings, villages and trenches that are 100% not used in any way in the current game, that i would like if they were playable areas or maps of their own.
Wht I’d like would be:

• more maps being added that features those unused areas

• re-purpose current maps by making the fight go on the opposite direction

-example: the battle goes in the opposite direction of the monastery.

° more reversed maps literally the same thing as quarry north and south

Of course that these are mostly empty places on the map, that aren’t iconic compared to big monasteries, churches or entrenched villages but i stll think that they are worthy of being playable areas

Also that the devs could just add more stuff in there if they are too much boring looking

For example in vosoko village in the starting attacking side there’s two entrenched hills with a village at the back of the hill that’s in the grey zone and a river between the two hills, this would be very a brutal place to push in a invasion mode.

You can get see those unused areas in the map by opening the tactical map or flying a airplane ( which is what im gonna do next time i play, in a custom game ofc).


Yes sir.

! A reversed ministry gardens in berlin as a counter Atack would be sick


Ah yes, since i only play Moscow i can’t really talk about or give good examples of unused areas in other campaigns big maps, it’s exciting tho, some campaigns big maps might have even more map or reverse worthy areas.

What Berlin map would like go see that isbnot the reichstag?

Only Quarry and Forestery are part of another “autumn” map. The rest is all part of the same big map

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I have a very strong feeling that DF is planning to release a huge battle mode eventually, using the entirety of the map. I believe the maps are that huge but separated only in preparation of this possible incoming mode.

Fingers crossed.

In fact… having such gigantic maps with perhaps more players (per section) just like planetside would be such a huge selling point I think Enlisted would devour competition whole with it. We’d say poor Post Scriptum and HLL. (But muahahah to bf and cod, as those are sh***y games)


Easy: Flak tower! It’s even modeled already, you can see it when in a plane.


Oh yea! that place would be soo cool


Kinda seems plausible, mostly because it’s very weird how DF makes maps, instead of every single map being it’s entirely in its own, it’s big f*cking map with point of interest inside that are maps, similar to what cod mw 2019 did

Ia big game in the entire map… how much time would it take to finish a game ?

Is it even hardware possible ? since there’s older gen

I don’t know how planetside massive battles works too.

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What I believe possible would be a “planetside like mode”. Map would be sectioned, but it would be possible to switch zone at all time. Every zone would have it’s own battle, zones with adjacent ones being controlled by allies would have more tickets, etc.

They have so many options, potential is huge thanks to how they designed the maps. They can chose to implement just anything from there!

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In planetside how do you move from sector to sector ? Is there any loading or ir smooth? Because every sector or bottom/ middle and upper areas of the map being in the same battle but in different serves could be a way that I’d see for it to handle performance issues

There’s a very smooth loading. So smooth it’s difficult to say it’s here…
A bit like in a big mmorp. It’s the PLAYERS that will appear for you once you get near enough.

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Interesting, your idea is actually very probable of actually being a thing, mostly because of how the maps are made that’s a huge green flag, I’d like to see how would massive battles play out in enlisted.

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Have you ever played call of duty airborne? The final mission is in a flak tower, just like in the game, imagine parachuting ( if paratroopers hopefully becomes reality) into the flak tower that would be dope

I think it’s medal of honor :thinking:
No I haven’t played this one sadly

Oh yeah my bad lol, it’s one of the few ww2 games that features a flak to my knowledge

The map with the monastery has a cool looking train yard I seen when flying that easily could be a new map

True, i went scouting and some interesting things such as a farm on the side of a railroad that has several trenches around the place, if the Moscow campaign is going to have a train escort mission this place is perfect for it