Two New Maps for Moscow Campaign. - Brest & Leningrad + Bonus Suggestion

Two major fronts/ Maps/ sets of multiple maps could be added to Moscow Campaign.

This would give the campaign a “revival boost” and more depth while staying historically as accurate as possible with the current limitations provided.

  • Brest Fortress.

Brest Fortress - Wikipedia

Germans wanted the fortress because there was a railway choke point that they desperately needed, therefore this set could include the fortress itself and a railway/ logistics place connected to the railway. (At least 2 maps, with further work 3-4 new maps)

One of the most famous stands that the Soviet Union did on the front-lines, still a historical place where Belarusian s visit very often a tourist attraction for the population. Very heavily fortified area that would provide some fortress fighting for the Moscow Campaign.

  • Leningrad siege.

Terrible nightmare that unfolded in the beginning of the operation of Barbarossa, KV-1 tanks were driven directly from the factory floor to the battle as soon as possible, some of them were not even painted.

Siege of Leningrad - Wikipedia

Leningrad area could be filled with many trenches that need to be stormed, Soviet counter-attacks, night fighting and ice-road.

Plenty of new map material there too, should provide 3-5 maps.

Also as a BONUS suggestion, new weapon (Premium and expensive like Suomi-sub-machine gun in Moscow Campaign)

Lahti-Saloranta LMG (Widely used by Finns)

Lahti-Saloranta M/26 – Wikipedia


Another picture for the road:


Nice like those suggestions, not sure if KV1 ever be seen in Moscow due to balance though

Absolutely agree, “Moscow” campaign should be renamed to “Barbarossa” or “Eastern Front 41-42” with lots of different maps and battlefields from Karelia down to the Black Sea to showcase the iconic battles fought in 1941 - H1 1942.

Brest Fortress is still preserved as war memorial in Belarus, by the way.


As long as the devs don’t use this as an excuse to throw in op soviet shit than it’s good.
Though I’m not sure about so many Leningrad maps. I feel like Moscow should focus more on rural areas rather than cqc city fighting. There’s already 2 other campaigns for that. So maybe 1 map and more maps from other areas.
And not sure what you meant by the ‘premium’ in the suomi suggestion. It should be a late campaign unlock, not a premium.

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I still think separate campaigns should be made, however I think they should be grouped into fronts. Like Eastern Front and Western Front (or Early and Late for each one if necessary). And have a group XP pool that allows you to allocate XP to any campaign within said front as long as you gained it in that front.

The problem is dividing people by multiple queues: if we can queue simultamneously e.g. for Moscow, Stalingrad (and Leningrad), then the number of campaigns wouldn’t matter much besides the copypaste weapons and the grind.

The queues should be based on the Front (unless custom games), the levelling should be unique per campaign, as it is now, however the XP is gained by front and not by campaign. The XP can then be placed in campaigns within the front where it was gained.

Feels like Leningrad only exists to justify the T-50.