Tweak the pie-menu thingy

So i noticed a small change. I can’t say for now if it’s good or bad, i first had to get used to it in battle and find the functions:

So first off they moved formation and behaviour to the soldier selection menu, which is interesting considering you can’t do it while moving, try pressing w + a/d + y + q/e at the same time.

The next change is to the pie-menu which opens with a quick and helpful selection of requests, arty, radio, medical help and “cancel”. If you want quick chat, press E and the pie-menu changes to request. I guess i can work with that.

Now here comes the problem. While flying a plane, you can’t request ammo, you can’t request medical help, and you can’t call arty. When you press Alt, you should go straight to the quick chat menu, instead the game presents you with the “request menu” which is useless because you can’t use those requests i mentioned earlier while flying.

So, can we have it so that the game skips that request menu when you’re flying a plane? It’s not like you can use any of those functions while up in the sky, and being presented with a red menu which you then have to change to chat is useless.


lol this is bad

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This is why I changed my soldier swap and soldier wheel to TAB (along with many other controls that revolve around soldier management tbh)

Most other things you mention I have memorized through muscle memory, but it definitely could be improved a bit.

Using your image as reference, another thing they could change is having a dividing line between your First and Last soldier in the wheel so you know which soldier in the lineup you are changing to. This isn’t really an issue if you organize your soldiers through the menu UI pre-game, but I know there must be a good number of people who don’t do that, and it becomes confusing to them so they don’t use it


Looks like they somewhat addressed this actually in the most recent patch

I think it’s even worse than the last one.


Wow, fuck me I guess. Command wheel was perfect for centralizing commands, why touch what isn’t broken???

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