Turn off pointer entirely when flying by use of Joystick or Gamepad


I am aware we can toggle the pointer to a center position when flying but this feature still seems to get overwhelmed and cause oscillation in the aircraft when trying to fly using a stick. Can a method to completely turn it off be added?

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I worked my way around this by binding a command to switch pointer control on/off.

It will be always on by default when you spawn, but then you can immediately toggle it off with a single key press and be free to fly afterwards, the plane won’t keep trying to maneuver back anymore.

My main issue at that point is that I haven’t been able to find a working command to automatically realign the visual with the crosshair after looking around.

Yea I’m more speaking about it being turned off entirely, so I do implore Gaijin to please make it so when a Joystick, Gamepad or Keyboard interface is detected the pointer not only becomes dormant but disappears entirely. Even in the Centered position the game puts it in its both distracting and seems to cause an oscillation while you try to fly straight on.