Tunisia axis smg OVP M1918 BUFF inquiry

OVP M1918 is 25 rounds and low ammo or I can’t see ahead because of the magazine
However, the reload time is 3.8 seconds.
(pure standard)
What guns take 3.8 seconds?
pure standard PPD38(DRUM) - 4.0sc PPD40 - 3.8sc PPSH - 3.8sc
I agree because of the of many ammo
Even the Breda m30 , which has an unusual reload, is 3.2 seconds.

I ask the Tunisian axis, who is torn because of this, a buff


I really dislike the gun, dont use it, largely because of the bad sight picture, and Frankley it fires almost to fast

I admit I would use it if reload was at least twice as fast… Sadly, now I don’t bother as the berretta m1 simply is better (also reload faster).

That’s right
However, you can not continue to use mp40, berreta m1, you can not withstand the Allied Powers Thompson
Can’t wait to unrock the mg34 LMG and SMG are clearly different
2 tier guns are not decorative

I have no choice: Beretta m1 is the BEST smg axis have in Tunisia XD Even better than ovp. the m38/42 is really just a berretta m1 with a pretty wooden stock, that cost a fortune to upgrade. Not worth it…

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what a worthless smg srsly… even if the reload was a 2 sec one.

imagine using that insted of the M1 /mp40 / premium fnab


It’s so useless right now and there’s no reason to have a 3.8 second reload time.

I think need save time at bullet reroad

It’s a gun that doesn’t need a long reload time.
What needs to change must change
So I suggested

Those who want to use m1 use m1
I want to use the changed ovp

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yes… which is why I answered this: