Too Much Cheater in Game

They shot was all headshot.
Thats Ridiculous!
Official should do sth to stop them.

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No replays?
No videos?
No screenshots?


friend the answer is always the same, BOT they get even upgraded today

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Yes, I too think that headshots by bots, but… anyways… can be not bot.

Ye, this freaking Oswald, how dare he.

Now is impossible see if is a bot or a player, bot now have too much good gun and squad

Well… I think you can see who is bot just looking to him movement. Or looking him actions when capture points.

Well if he do 360 no scope, is a bot, but from distance now is hard

Before they spam bolt-action, now they spam everything, build rally/ammo, use granade and artillery

Do you think bots will pay for gold premium money ? cause at this rythm it we’ll be needed soon casue everyone will leave this bot game

Cheat exists in this game and its more popular than you think the fault of useless anticheat and no moderation… stop be an ostrich

Pretty sure its not all headshots, I mean I have never seen it say I was killed by a headshot…

But having said that, I also get a lot of head shots because the head hit box is rather large, basically and hits from just below the shoulders and up counts as a head shot.

Also there are a lot of what I like to call lag shots as they shoot and hit you on their end but it registers on your end in a place they could not have hit you, that actually shot you before you got in that cover but because of lag it didn’t register till you were in cover.
In the olden days when I played Mechwarrior 2 you need to find the lag spot on other plyers to hit them sometimes ahead sometime behind and sometimes spot on. It’s just the way it is, you just have to adapt to it and accept it.

With the UP TOTALLY STUPID of the bots the game is dying for real … RIP ENLISTED …

People asked LESS BOTS … they up them … gg really the most clever devs ever

It’s a special Game operation, it will be over in 3 days…

Do you have a problem ? what the link with the event ?

Play this game since the Alpha. Witnessed 2 confirmed cheaters so far.
It is just laser beaming bots you are refering to.

I remember seeing something talking about how the AI works, when you stay in one place or as it was worded ‘cause a lot of noise and attention’ the AI becomes more accurate and reacts faster. I guess they did this to stop people just camping in a window with an LMG and to try and increase their usefulness without them just outright ruining the game.

The more effective you are (kill streak or movements) the more you will be lasered away by bots, period. You can’t beat the system, the system beats you.
When you kill someone (bot) and hide so that the bot will move one and kill several others, you will encounter one bot that just turns 180° and so fast that you can’t react.

This sounds too real. lasered for killstreaks by bots

The more I kill the deadlier the bots will get. Simple observation.
Never had a really good run and get suddenly killed strangly by a bot? Only happens when you are effective in kills.

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Eglush hes strooke geve ah mi