Todays update on Xbox. Artillery/ Mortar selection wheel not functioning

Since my xbox update for Enlisted today my D Day maps have no option to select motors on artillery as the select wheel is not working. I have fully tested my Xbox controller & That’s 100% ok. Can you clear enlisted cache and not lose your game level. otherwise I m sure this is a bug in the update.

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They update the game, if some command or botton dont work, go in the control option and change it

For PC, wheels do not work if assigned to mouse button either. Only if assigned to keyboard. So I think it is related.

Changing the button assignment does not fix it.

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Thanks for the update, I am getting owned as I can’t fight back much. tank seems ok

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I’m not sure if you’re having a hard time finding your artillery, but it’s hold up on dpad and use your right toggle stick to switch to artillery. As for changing shells

Im taking that you can’t switch between smoke and artillery? I have this set to press left toggle stick. That way when your on the artillery map just press that and your shells will change.

I know how to use both Artillery & Mortars. The option to use the wheel on Xbox is now missing since the update. Even team talk has gone too