TNT Balancing on Berlin Tanks

So I got Soviet almost to Max with my turtles and stomping. So I started grinding out Axis as theres not much I can do on Berlin atm. One thing I notice very quickly is the Default/ T-34-85. Requires close to 3-4 TNT Packs to kill it.

Frontal TNT will 100% not kill it, same with from the side or back, sometimes it seems to be RNG and can be taken out in 2 TNTs. But most of the time it survives even just after 1 TNT

On the other hand when I was playing Soviet, I never had issues killing German Tanks with TNT. Panther dies in 1 TNT, same with Panzer J and Panther A

I am aware the Soviets are supposed to have advantage which they do, but isn’t this too much?

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In all campagni is broken

Note I do cook my nade before the last second to kill the Tanks, but Soviet Tanks are extremely resistant towards TNT Explosive Packs is what im saying. No other Tanks, (US, Germany has this kind of issue), I don’t have issues killing US nor Germany

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I have zero issues killing US tanks on Normandy, same with against German tanks when playing the US.

But the Soviet Tanks on Berlin are almost resistant towards Explosive Packs

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Today on moscow i set a tnt under pz2 2 times and not give him a scratch next i use a normal granade and the engine explode

Detpacks work fine in all campaigns if you do it right by either throwing it on top of the engine/turret or directly into the tracks
One hit kills with them across all three campaigns with two being the most if I screw up the first one.


T34-85s are beastly in general. They OHK panthers and panzers without even aiming for weakspots.

›OHK Panthers without aiming at weak spots
As a T-34 tanker that’s untrue
The Panther is a hard target unless they show their side
Panzer IV’s a OHK most of the time

PzIV thwacks T-34s easily right back though

Honestly I really just think the damage models need to be fixed and half the contention will go away. I have, on God, been shot through and nearly catastrophically killed from a T34 who snapshotted me through the front. Maybe he got lucky and hit the right spot, idk.

I’ve cat killed T34s and had to put 10 rounds into them shooting in the same places. It’s all over the place with performance.


Just shoot the turret ring, my dude

And from the side shoot the rear of the turret near the bottom
DM is fine aside from the turrets for all tanks not facing the right way clientside

Did not know that. interesting.,

Yeah it gets our squad fucked over all the time
So the turret ring is always a good shot

I always throw it near the turret aka the head of the tank, but most of the time it will always survive. In a frontal engagement where you will be forced to throw Soviets Tanks have the massive advantage imo.

Its in close beta so only paying users can see it, but once its out im sure more and more ppl will complain about it. Its the only tanks in the entire campaign that can survives TNT explosives

Nvm i think they nerfed it in a stealth patch or something. i been able to kill them more easily now. maybe its only the second T-34 thats near unkillable?

You’re doing it wrong because the sides and front of the turret are pretty thick. Throw it on the roof of the turret or onto the engine deck from now on.

Alright ill try that thanks

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Make sure to fully cook them so they detonate above it or as soon as they land on it.
You’ll get good enough with them that the only time it doesn’t work is when you mess up and not some perceived issue with the game. Good luck and have fun
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