Thunder and Lightning! New Cloud and Weather Effects

Only if it plays the universal movie music theme in the background


From the battlefield it look cool, but what about plane ? do the weather will impact aircraft behavour too ? Will a storm make it more difficult to control the aircraft?


That’s sound really good but please NO MORE SUNNY D-DAY like we are on holiday… Make something more cloudy, more darker.

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my eyes are grateful


Tunisia lookin like Vice City


Glad you still remember that. Better movement and AI when?


Finally changed. Looking forward to the update,

Nice feature but will probably make it even harder to see in the game… /sigh

Fix the effing bloom first!!! You just keep adding new stuff on old shit, fix the game first, we need major QoL improvements then polish it /facepalm

Weather effects can completely change a map.
Thank you for implementing things people ask for, even if it takes some time.
This patch is shaping up to be great!


It’s right there in the announcement, and keofox quoted himself with the same paragraph immediately after; that they’re adjusting the light/dark contrast and reducing the blinding effect of the sun.

If you’re going to act like an entitled ass, at least get your facts straight. You were so excited to be offended that you failed to understand what you were upset about


Yesssssssssssss. I’ve been hoping for time of day & weather variants for ages. Nice!!


Probably the greatest update in my opinion (i cant wait for berlin thunder mode) :slight_smile:


this is what I’ve been wanting, thank you so much. keep up the good work!

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yes, if ur too incompetent to fix networking or at last teach the bots to turn the face to enemy, what u apparently are, confuse ur source of money by nice pictures

Looks great, but I always did like having an advantage over my enemy by making them fight with the sun in their eyes.

Perhaps now i’ll finally see the enemy on Airfield’s hangars in Normandy

Will bad weather have an impact on the performance of planes? Can planes be struck by lightning?

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In the current version, when shooting in a dark room, the firelight and smoke will be very large, creating a strong contrast and causing eyestrain. This seems to be a bug in the special effects.

Will the new version of Dark Weather make the fire and smoke smaller as the weather changes? I would like to be able to investigate this issue

My eyes can finally rest from all the light that have been trying to blind over the past years