Things that will make AI soldiers more believable

  1. Making AI bots unable to go prone while indoors. I always find it kind of silly that when I order my soldiers into a building with plenty of cover, they immediately turn into floor goblins. The most they should do is crouch.
  2. When behind cover, AI will do only the minimum to put their full body behind the cover. So, if behind sandbags, they will crouch; if behind a low stone wall, they will prone. They will also only raise themselves up to a bare minimum in order to fire. So, crouch to stand, prone to crouch when firing.
  3. AI soldiers should not be able to shoot through smoke, hedgerows, or any other “visual cover”. This is super annoying, makes smoke grenades near useless, and just removes the intensity and suspense from Normandy hedgerow warfare.
    Now we get into more realistic squad commands.
  4. Grab Ammo
    By pressing X on a friendly ammo box, any AI soldier in your squad who doesn’t have full ammo will take some from the ammo box.
  5. Patch Yourselves Up
    All soldiers will use one Medkit. This would be accessible in the Alt menu wheel.
    These two commands make it feel like your soldiers are actual fighting men whose needs you must take care of.
  6. Fire Commands
    In the Alt menu, you’ll see a new section of the wheel: “Open Fire”. When you press on it, it expands a menu where you’ll see all the weapons in your squad. So, with my Assault squad I have 4 SMG, 2 Rifle, and 1 LMG. Therefore, the options are: SMG, Rifles, LMG, or All Soldiers. When you click on one of the options, your character will say something like “Soldiers, fire on my command!” and then all selected soldiers will fire at anything you mark until they deplete their magazine or until you use the Alt menu wheel to press “Cease Fire” and stop them firing. LMGs will fire in long bursts of 4-7 rounds, SMGs in shorter bursts of 3-5, Rifles in single shots. SMGs and Rifles will fire more accurately at enemy soldiers to kill; LMGs will fire in the general area to suppress. This command set will allow the player to have more control over how their soldiers fight and who they target, and will make battles more lively with more soldiers firing their weapons as an extension of their player’s command.

You forgot:

  1. “teach” them to open doors FFS
  2. “teach” them not to follow you into the f******g greyzone
  3. “teach” them not to stand in front of me when I’m shooting/ADS
  4. “teach” them to move when I’m building something

Just adding this would improve AI significantly, but noooooo because Rasha!