Things I'd still like to see once Enlisted goes into OBT

Can you show me the numbers? How much they spent on any of the years during this years? How much they pay their devs? How much they spend on ADS? No you can’t… Pls don’t talk about someone’s money when you know almost 0 about it…

It’s dead end conversion since you see “they make money” as they sell stuff and I see “they make money” as they sell more than they spend

I admittedly don’t know Gaijin’s financial situation, nor their marketing/revenue reports. Also highly doubt they’d release them publicly, perhaps you should reread my post for a better understanding of what I’ve already stated.

You’re becoming unnecessarily aggressive, and violently defending their predatory in-game marketing systems so it wouldn’t surprise me if people like you are their target demographic.

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I prefer no aiming line.

It either has to be a line, or the devs need to adjust the first-person priming animation to better convey where your grenade will land. Either system would suffice.

The grenade more or less lands in the middle of your screen. Similar to your guns, you can shoot them without using the iron sights by imagining a dot in the middle of your screen. This is a skill based thing and I prefer having a slightly steep learning curve over any handholding mechanic.

Maybe you should read what you said again…
I responded to the “upgrade servers” part not remove P2W stuff, also I own one pack (to access the game) so I don’t think I am their demographic target

In real life, when you shoot people they die (most of the time), not flinch. Flinching when shot is only in games so to argue that its a bad mechanic if fine. You could counter saying you should have been dead anyways, adding a flinch and letting you live a bit longer is being charitable. I have no strong opinions on the subject yet.

I see, my mistake.

But you’re aggressively settling for an average-mediocre server system that could be improved. Do you not understand that 60hz servers would benefit everyone, which is including you?

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The devs should be more than capable of implementing this at the very least.

We need to push 60hz servers hard.
This isn’t a slow paced game like War Thunder. It would greatly benefit from the higher tick rate.


To count seconds more accurately start counting from 21.

I’m not trying to sound rude, my guy. But what do you mean?

I love how they actually don’t release the handle on those grenades, so they are not actually primed/cookable.

I see, but I’m referring to how the guys left hand goes up after priming a grenade.

Guy on the video counts seconds very fast. It’s only observation.
And about video: I think aiming with your hand is good solution.

(yeah, I decided that wrong counting of the seconds is more important to comment than the video itself)

I don’t really understand what’s the difference between 30hz servers and 60hz ones but if it’d make it “heavier/harder” to connect it would actually hurt me because my internet connection is pretty bad.

I am sorry for being aggressive, It’s just very annoying when people talk about stuff they don’t know…

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It’s no biggie, we all want Enlisted to succeed.

The difference between 30hz servers and 60hz servers is how many times the server is updating all of the information/events happening in one second. Pretty similar to how a monitors refresh rate works, but think more network like. That’s really all I can dumb it down to without getting too technical.

Battlefield 4 experimented with increasing their server tick rates and it heavily mitigated kill trading, being killed around corners, how fast shots registered on enemies, etc.


No it wouldn’t hurt your net. 30hz vs 60hz is the responsiveness of the server.


60hz is bog standard for games that give a shit about the quality of the player’s experience.
Even most Battlefield 3 and 4 servers were AT LEAST 45hz.

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Okay thank you!