They Should Remove The Highlight Your Killer Feature

People always go back to where you killed them for revenge and it’s SOOOOOO GOD DAM ANOYING.

Anyone else think this???


Stop camping.




Stop playing like a bish.

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Yes, when you want to play snipers (many different ones are in the game) it’s boring to get spotted like that.

The game is just too fast, like for adhd kids on caffeine.

That’s why I don’t like to play snipers that much, even though in real life they would also change their position after a successfull shot. But some maps don’t have many good spots, maps too small.

Revenge, …I don’t care… I want to kill 'em all.

It isnt the biggest deal if that was removed for me, but it would make finding mortar players almost impossible especially if they are hiding in the grey zone (which I don’t mind sacrificing 1 -2 men to wipe a mortar squad)

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You feel offended by revenge kills?

They feel offended by campers.

Tough luck, eh?

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It’s a way of countering bush campers and stuff. Game would be unplayable without it

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Not only:

It also makes sense because you control a squad. Ofc ppl only control one soldier at a time, but the others, even bots, SHOULD be considered as dangerous.

If all soldiers from a squad were humans, you can bet if you shoot one of them in the middle that all the rest will try to find out from where their buds was shot from:

“Oh snap he shot down Jim! Where’s the fucker??? He’s over here! The pussy is camping! Let’s waste him!”

But “we” are only one person, controlling up to 9 pairs of eyes. I say it’s legit that if one is shot down that the other 8 allow you to track down the aggressor.

Or simply put like others said before me: Nobody likes campers.


People who say no, are the whales who want to flick you instantly after pressing Y with their SF.

Its part of the reason the meta is full auto, because using rifles means longer range, and that doesnt matter if everyone knows where you are. You will just be prefired, or even revenge suicide bombed.

Thats why slower roles like sniper are pointless, thats why making sure you are concealed is pointless. Cause of killcam. Its another COD feature in this game that needs to go

Id argue the entire game is just poor mans version of cod.
So no.

It’s the Meta-game of Enlisted: the smartest players figure out which enemy is the human first so they can wipe the squad without being noticed.

That feature works? News to me.