The "Unknown War" is over!

One of the most unique and impressive Enlisted campaigns has been available for almost two weeks and after its completion we would like to share with you the statistics of this great space battle.

It’s true we weren’t able to count how many new craters and “first small steps of man” appeared on the Moon - the processing power of computers in 1945 left much to be desired. But we do have reliable proof of how many battles were fought on the earth’s satellite.

Unconditional victory for the Allied forces. Our defenders are already returning home, and we will present to you the victory ratio of the Unknown War.

Shall we meet again on the Moon?


When will you finally fix the performance? A statement would be very nice


It would be also interesting to post the winrate of other campaigns like Moscow and Berlin


mp43 nerf/stats mistake reverted when?


Nice to have this really interesting mode last for a little bit longer (of course due to console’s problems).
It seems that the whole dev team forget about the 1 year anniversary of OBT? (2021.4.8) Will there be any event or sales related to this?

So once again, Allies BS is present here,

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The game has a birthday. We will celebrate it with a bang.


discounts and gold weapon orders please :slight_smile:


So when is the birthday? Would we have golden orders?

The first CAT was in April, and OBT began in April too.

Last year’s birthday was celebrated November 10

And yes, there was a gold orders giveaway.

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lmao it was in November. So it has nothing to do with this battlepass seaon(if it’s not extended to November lol)

Please make this a full campaign, please, please, please. Loved every second of it. The most unique thing i played in years.

both modern and moon base could stay as a dedicated “mode” on custom matches.

makes no sence to just deleat them from the game.

people actually play it and or enjoy it, and its a nice way to just have casual fun with no care about match outcome.

@1942786 any chance for this and modern event to stay ingame for us to play it? as a custom match setting for example? its such a waste of resources and cool concept…


I really love fried potatoes. But I don’t eat it every day because it won’t taste so good anymore.

Philosophical reflections of Keo.


I believe they weren’t eaten every day to avoid high cholesterol :smiley:

i want bring to your attention this problem, which is making the forum a bit angry

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Moon event should stay in custom since it was more polished than stalingrad, also, the soundtrack :heart:

yeah, but you have the option to “eat said potatoes” when you want,

coz its avaiable, doesnt mean we will play it everytime or everyday.
we have the option to. but i understand…

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the most balanced campaign that we have ever seen, since you cannot switch side

But the option to have these fried potatoes once a person had a craving would be nice. Especially since after if they did want some, all stores were sold out of potatoes forever.

Obviously, people wouldn’t play it 24/7, but the options of having them there wouldn’t hurt no one.