The Road of Meme never ends - Chapter II?

so. What do you think will await us in the sequels? Our biggest nightmares and maybe even dreams could be announced?

  • Maus?
  • E100?
  • T29? (or basically anything woody wants)
  • StG for Berlin (just kidding. Wont come in this life anymore)
  • Jets?
  • IS3?
  • Bikes as a level 38 reward?
  • “Ammunition”-Suppliers with machine guns?

    or the worst case… another campaign…

The list is endless, so is the house of madness and the road to meme. What do you think?


What ever they bring.

I couldnt care less about historical accuracy. I just want to kill, capture points or relax inside a tank.

It’s just a game.

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Maybe Bf109 K4(figter II squad) for germany and B17(attacker plane II squad) for USA, fair and balanced

Yeah but I dont wanna fight with a Panzer IV against Pershings… let alone the players with a Puma (vice versa the same I guess).


Or in this case, lack of one…

Never heard of this term. Sounds like Axis BS to me to make US suffer.

IS3 VS Maus

M1 Abram Vs Leopard II

STG 45 Vs AK 47


the list can only go on…

or maybe i’m seeying this wrong.


Martini–Henry VS M1888

i mean, could be anything but halftracks at this point.

so idk :woman_shrugging: :joy:

nah, what i was thinking:



A fighter without missiles and bombs is simply uncompetitive.
P38 at level 4 kills tanks in packs, planes also no problem.
The Bf109 k4 at level 40 will be sad to fly in the sky without the ability to help on the ground. Fw190 will be even better.

worry not! I’ve found your answer!


well for moscow the first level was tanks so next will likely be infantry weapons

if i were to guess i would say kar98k and mosin with grenade launcher (this is not a joke i genuinely believe they might do that)

for normandy it will either be infantry weapons or allies attacker and axis fighter

my guess would be 50 round drum thompson and kiraly 39M.
or bf 109 K-4 (with a 250kg) and some later version of the a20 with no practical differances

i hope we actually get one more level for moscow and normandy. if we dont that would be pretty dissapointing

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You laugh, but I’d have fun with those.


Panzer 1 vs IS-3
Johnson LMG vs kar98k with anti-air granade launcher

more automatic weapons and classes who can use them.
Buffing even more rifle granade so everybody will use them, not only vets who have selled soul to this erm… awesome game.

oh i forgot get match maker or some other skill/lvl based match maker, so vets need to play each other rather sea clubbing new players