The Open Beta Testing of Enlisted has begun!

will enlisted be ever released on Mac? why is no one answering plzzzzzzzzz

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Open Beta is here and with Cheaters overal. GG Gaijin.


thanks for a nice try to make a good game. but i see the sings of p2w. i have to unlock the wapons with lvl AND unlockcoins? you show such a setting and its amazing, and then you fcked it up with this settings? and what did you thinking with the tanks and no real start class with anti tank eqiup? how dare you to call it a good game? it has potential, but not now. the setting with the squad is good, the gungame is good and that´s all. everything else is a dead end and you will get a little bubble of players, because all new players will hate it. and stop taking so much classes away because i am new, thats bulling player.


For twitch drops. The pistol order, you can get 3 max per event, but a pistol costs 4. Once each even is over you lose all your previous Twitch event pistol orders. Meaning you can never get total of 4 for a pistol…what is this?

You cannot hide, because bots kill you through bushes :frowning:

quite a horrible experience…

i wont be pointing out bugs but more gameplay

the movement and camera bobbing is not something that I enjoy…

the squad system is very boring, the bots are stationary and it just feels like a poorly made singleplayer,

why cant we have just single characters 50v50 ?

the gunplay is ok the hold aim is annoying especially with snipers

the planes and airstrikes are awful!
they kill you even in buildings… any progression forwards is destroyed ,

tanks are overpowered we dont have enough to get rid of them

i like the medkit reviving! thats a great feature, but the responsiveness of the movement and anims need reworking to make the gameplay smooth and enjoyable

i dont know anyone who enjoys that over the top camera bobbing…

also make the game paid… i hate these p2w or unlockables … i would rather pay 60 dollars and enjoy my experience

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all of my progress got deleted

OBT release had wipe of all progress in the interest of fairness and because it saw reworks in the progression system. No more wipes are planned for leaving OBT.

tanks cant really move its main weapon fast around so a good explosive you can equip in grenade slot can already blow it up. i did it too just totally against the side BOOM! tank gone people in it dead :slight_smile:

Btw the only thing i had problems with is that some people can glitch trough objects like roofs floors even getting in the side of the bunker on 1 of the maps where point B is to cap. he couldnt get trough the door i would have heard he got stuck in the barbe wire but he came from the side… im was like wtf? saw it happening and i died ofcourse… ive noticed even people teleporting into my room and kill me ofcourse… getting shot from some1 the other side of the tiny hill when he couldnt hit me with a building in between. or i knife some1 when i couldnt knife some1 because i was using artillery… dindt know i could knife some1 with a bomb… could be that they use that hack if they kill some1 that your name appears instead of his, was used a lot in gta5 online so legit players got banned and hackers stayed. shame i cant video it all its a bit messy… but ive seen me doing kills i dindt even do and no it werent my sqaud bots doing it. even in no squad mode i had kills i dindt do… with my name on it…

the settings for controller movement need to be fixed. they feel really bad.