The most terrifying change in the update

For what? For who? They were beautiful, but now they are very rare.
I suggest to return the old norm of rains.


For low end PCs and last gen consoles who get completely fucked over by the rain games.

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Also they were a little too dark, hard to spot people, so it’s a good thing :wink:

It’s because of the heat wave.
Think about the planet people. We have to save water.

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I’m already sick of the sun, and my eyes are tired. And rainy weather looks cozy, cold and dark.

I don’t know, even with my terrible eyesight, I don’t have any problems with it.

Strange reason, animations of such weather could well be made optional, except for lighting.


I literally never got a rainy match and I play this game daily lol

That’s the point, they used to be rare, now it’s a mythical weather.

Wish I could find a rainy match now, sounds really cool.