The concussion effect improving

Hello, Soldiers!

We continue to work with your feedback and in this news we want to mention one of the most frequent comments from the Battle for Stalingrad update. Here we will tell you what we have already done and what we plan to do in the future with the concussion mechanics.

The way it works

Let us remind you that detonating allied explosives does not kill in Enlisted, a gameplay assumption without which the game would be less comfortable for everyone involved in the battle. But the motivation to be careful when dealing with explosives is required, otherwise these mechanics will lead to unrealistic scenarios, like throwing grenades into a room and destroying concussed enemies while being unaffected by the explosion in any way.

Our task was to find the perfect balance between gaming conventions and the desire for realistic battles, and then provide interesting gameplay for both sides.

What happened

That said, we noticed a significant number of complaints about the frequency of being in this effect and the “motion sickness” feeling from the in-game concussion animation itself. We have already made several significant improvements that we will tell you about later, but we also have more significant changes planned.


We began making some changes a few hours after the release of the update:

  • Significantly reducing the duration of the concussion effect.
  • Significantly reducing the radius over which the concussion effect is applied from the detonation of both allied and enemy grenades and explosive packs.
  • (Since this announcement was released) Reduced the radius to which the concussion effect is applied from both allied and enemy bombs, artillery and mortar shells, grenades, explosive packs, TNT, and other explosives.

Meanwhile, we also plan to rework the concussion effect itself that some players complain about, by the simple definition of “motion sickness”. This gameplay improvement will take time to implement, but with the changes already released, we hope that battles in Enlisted will remain comfortable for you.


no matter what the devs do it’s still going to be uncomfortable and awful to play as long as the effect is applied to allied explosives. just revert it to bp4 state, there was nothing wrong with it. please relay to the devs that nobody wanted this, and lots of new changes are just making the game worse/more frustrating to play. this is one reason for the frequency of people sitting in buildings/their spawn, away from the combat, just sniping. thanks


We’re working on an updated concussive effect that will look better.

But the concussion effect for the explosives of the allies, in our opinion, is necessary. We have described the reason in the text.

The enemy will throw explosives into your room, and his ally will stab you with a knife, because the effect of the explosion does not apply to him.

Not pleasant - do you agree?


Actually it was proposed by sb on the forum. The alternative (and more popular if I remember correctly) proposal was FF turned on for squads.

no. how could i get knifed if he threw an explosive into my room, and it detonated, implying that i died?


It is unlikely that we will return FF in squads. grenades, explosives, mines, bombs, remote explosives, grenade launchers, mortars, shots from allied tanks.

We don’t want your frag count to go negative. And you don’t want to. :slight_smile:


that just works against your point because FF is an infinitely more stupid suggestion, so if that was more popular than this…

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So be glad that devs think the same as you do (as you can see above) and went for more “light” solution.

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they didn’t have to go for either. this is a ‘solution’ to a problem that never existed


mp43 nerf reverted when?


wtf man. I’m dead already if the enemy throws the grenade or explosive pack in the room where I’m.


Have you never encountered a situation when soldiers ran through arty barrage? It’s not a rare case.

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By the way.

We’ll talk more about explosives next week. In the format of your favorite polls.


Of course, I’m talking about a situation where the explosion did not kill you, but shell-shocked you.


then wouldn’t it be more annoying if you went into a room, your ally throws an explosive, it concusses you, and then you get knifed by an enemy who comes through after it exploded?


Oh goodie can’t wait.


Never. Soviet suffers too much, pls buff Fedorov it needs less recoil


Cool, but still unplayable.
The game simply isn’t fun if you can’t aim for 90% of the match and ultimately quit after playing 1 game a day, because it hurts my eyes.
And still can get concussed through walls, how fun!
Return it to how it was before. I’d rather die because an enemy abused being uneffected by a nade then have a headache.


Just restore the concussion effect to BP 4 problem solved, as for the TNT spam issue just delete grenade pouches and delete/fix throwing range perk.


What Rambo replied. Plus tanks spamming the objectives with HE, plus planes, plus I don’t even know wtf is going on with this new concussion effect. Try playing Normandy. Try it. 90% of the game concussed. I have a feeling that I’m playing and drinking at the same time.