Temporarily available: Chauchat Squad

On the 17th of March 1863, the gun designer, Colonel of the French Army Louis Chauchat, was born.

His most famous work was a machine gun, the development of which also involved designer Charles Syutte and technologist Paul Ribeyrolles. But it was the colonel’s last name that firmly stuck with this weapon. Why? Well, it’s better to ask the soldiers who decided so.

From the 17th of March (13:00 UTC) to the 20th of March (13:00 UTC): a premium Allied squad armed with Chauchat machine guns is available for Gold in the Battle for Moscow campaign.


A squad of 4 machine gunners with one free slot for an engineer is now available. This engineer can build a large-caliber DShK machine gun!

Although historically the Chauchat machine gun has not been known for its reliability, in the realities of the Enlisted it is one of the most accurate machine guns. The magazine capacity of 20 rounds is quite typical for an early machine gun, but the low rate of fire allows it to be used very efficiently. In addition, you may appreciate the handy sights.


2nd devlog looks awesome


The mg30 is better in my opinion


no more dev message?

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I wonder how many squads one will be able to bring in batle when the merge happens, befor even consider purchasing a squad.

Already have the chauchat, but if I didn’t, Untill one knows… Hard to justify purchasing more premiums.


Not really i had it for a long time and it bounces like crazy without bipod, BAR and Johnnson are way more accurate, plus it’s dmg is really poor at such low firerate, it’s one of the worst guns in a game. If you want good Machinegun squad then pick Lewis or Colt Monitor

10 squads all premium i can imagine that (Chauchat, Lewis, Fedorov MG, As-44, Su-100, M3 Lee, Sherman 76mm, Katyusha, PPsh-41 Parkerized, DP Beltfed squad) or you could play with 3x meme starter smg squads + multiple f2p assaulters and obliterate newbies

New Class with unique mechanics when


No reason to spend a single more cent if thsts the case.

Untill I know how many I will be able to use, no more business from me.
So I wait the devlog or news.


there will be compensation, so with that money you’ll buy yourself something else, in fact there’s chance all your premium squads will disappear for exchenge in enlisted gold. They said there’s gonna be less squads but deeper leveling. who knows if they wil just wipe out all of prem squads then

When whe get the 3rd devblog?

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Why even putting this old squad on sale again, if so.

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I don’t care much if they remove or compensate or not… That’s not even the point.

I just want to know the number of squads one will be able to bring, so I know if it’s worth purchase a premium or not because without knowing the number of squads I can bring, makes no sence to purchase blindfolded.


because the change will come no sooner than in the end of the current year

Mmm, I don’t think it’s going to be that late.

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i do. If they’ll make it this year i’d be happy


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