Temporal plane fighter or AA buff

the actual AA has a low rotation (you have to wait until the enemy plane stay in a line to shoot them), is easy to kill with rockets or just bombs, and takes time to deploy a new one if the last one is now an impact crater. even if too strong against infantry (and a lot of players steal them and waste the ammo in that), you have difficulty breaking a wing or starting a fire in the engine in the attack plane (and the fighter has enough mobility to escape until the AA have to reload), the most of the time is just luck to make critical damage in the plane.
a AA vehicle, another model of AA, or at least increase the damage against planes, the ammo, or the rotation of the actual AA.

a good option is adding temporal planes (from the deploy menu), you can choose the default fighter of the army, you can use for a limit of time (5 minutes) and then the plane leaves the battle, only having bullets (to prevent the use of that as attack plane) and do not count for the normal the fighter slot (but the team can only have one).
is just a regular option for the players that do not have space for a fighter or even if you have one fighter, can´t be enough if the enemy has 2 planes at the same time.

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A good AA hit and a plane is out or too damaged to fly more, it will be nice to add vehicle detinate to AA, a Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind or a DCA half track.



Something as simple as a Flack 38 with a realistic ROF would be a huge help, the Flackvierling we have now does not have a realistic ROF, it’s very sloooow

Flack 38 450 rpm

Flackvierling 800 rpm

I have no clue why people are complaining about the turning speed of the AA. What do you expect, that it turns as fast as a modern anti air missile stations? It is largely enough. You just THINK that it is too slow, because pilots feel so insecure to bomb, that they fly low therefore you cant outspeed them.
What I would like to have is:
Let me turn my head while I press “C” in an AA so that I can follow his movements.
Fix the aircraft hit detection
Mobile Anti Air

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Dude… Seriously…
(Fl)ug… (A)bwehr… (K)anone…

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I would add the ability for tanks and radio operators to summon a fighter-bot for 1-2 minutes. In this way tanks could protect themselves from aggressive aircraft instead of being fodder for them.
In addition, you should think about distancing the aircraft respawn from the battlefield, so that he flew 40-45 seconds and write a warning about his appearance, so that the engineers could get ready